Daily Communication

Daily Communication——Use of Shared Folders

March 29, 2019

Case Analysis

Public shared folders usually house various documents from different departments, many of which contain sensitive data. Sensitive files reside in such folders mainly because people forget to delete them after copying them, thus exposing sensitive data to intranet hackers and rogue insiders. (more…)

Daily Communication——Release of Code on GitHub

March 21, 2019

Case Analysis

Before compromising a website or system, a hacker usually searches for related information beforehand. Code repositories are a major target. A security-unaware developer may upload code to a public platform, providing an opportunity for hackers to obtain API accounts or security holes by analyzing the uploaded code. (more…)

Daily Communication——Business Chat Groups

March 15, 2019

Case Analysis

Chat groups convenience communication, but contain great risks, which include ill-disposed persons impersonating the company’s employees, information disclosure as a result of chat group hacking, and resigned employees lurking in the group for malicious purposes. (more…)


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