Value-Added Service Solution for ISP/MSP


DDoS Mitigation

NSFOCUS Provider-for-Providers Strategy



Most ISP/MSP (Service Providers) has agreed that they need to move forward to transform their cybersecurity solutions from traditional on-premise, standalone appliances to more comprehensive, subscription-based SaaS service to bring their customers with easy-to-get, flexible security services to react to evolving modern threats. To become a Managed Security Service Provider will also increase user loyalty of network services when facing fierce competition from other Service Providers.


And this is where NSFOCUS comes in. Since 2016, NSFOCUS has been partnering with global top 10 service providers and renowned national and regional ones, empowering them with NSFOCUS security products, solutions, service support, operational platforms, operational support, go-to-market and financing support. Till now, NSFOCUS have helped Service Providers to offering value added services to over 1,000 customers.

Value-Added Service Solution for Service Providers

In typical scenario with NSFOCUS Value-Added Service Solution, Service Providers could launch its DDoS mitigation service as an add-up to its network services include Internet Access, SD-WAN and MPLS services or form a comprehensive Managed Security Service package including its Firewall/WAF services and hold the possibility to expand its portfolio using NSFOCUS Zero Trust, Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and Cloud Web Application and API Protection (Cloud WAAP) solution suite.


Security Hardware/Software/Platform

  • DDoS Mitigation
  • Zero Trust/SASE
  • Cloud WAAP


Service & Training Support

  • 7/24 Product support
  • 7/24 Security Operation Center support on-demand
  • Access to online training resources
  • NSFOCUS Certified Training Program


Innovative Financing Support

  • Revenue Share
  • Pay-as-You-Use
  • Zero CAPEX possible


Go-to-Market Support

  • Sales training
  • Market analysis and competition strategy
  • Product and pricing design
  • Joint marketing events

Plan Your DDoS Mitigation Services


NSFOCUS suggest that Service Providers can plan its DDoS Mitigation Service with total capacity at 20Gbps-80Gbps at startup phase, offering both L3/L4 and L7 DDoS protection.


Varied service packages to the customer are also made possible. From usage perspective, both unlimited mitigation per month and 1 to 3 mitigations per month can be offered. Protection capacity could be set at different levels from ranging from 1Gbps to 20Gbps and simply combine the above two factors could lead to a comprehensive service plan.

DDoS Mitigation Solution




Basic Suite:

Network Traffic Analyzer (NTA)

NTA consumes xFlow data from border, core, and edge routers and detects DDoS attacks in real-time. It then engages the ADS to remove DDoS attack traffic from legitimate traffic streams.


Anti-DDoS System (ADS)

NSFOCUS Anti-DDoS system provides real-time mitigation for all classes of DDoS attacks. Legitimate traffic continues to flow through the technology with no impact to your customers.


Unified Management

Unified management platform support not only the centralized configuration of ADS and NTA, but also provides visibility in traffic monitoring, log information, and detailed attack history for post-analysis. It enables Service Providers to deliver basic reports to customers.


Partner and Customer Portal

NSFOCUS offers both management portal and self-serviced user portal with Service Provider logo on them. Customer could use their user portal for real time traffic monitoring, attack statistics, post-attack data review and online/offline reports.


Cloud DDoS Protection Service (Cloud DPS)

For high-end customers who would like to have their network always uninterrupted under mass volume DDoS attacks (can be 100G to 1000G) over Service Provider’s local protection capacity, Service Providers could choose to automatically divert traffic to Cloud DPS which carries global distributed super scrubbing centers with Terabit capacity.


NSFOCUS Threat Intelligence (NTI)

Thanks to NSFOCUS Security Lab – a worldwide team of researchers and engineers who create verified in-house threat intelligence using data collected from 15,000+ NSFOCUS monitored sensors, honeypots and managed networks worldwide, all NSFOCUS Security Services are backed by NTI with IP reputation, malicious URL, command & control botnet and malware data feed. This could help Service Providers to enhance the performance of their DDoS mitigation service against ever changing attacks.