5G Network Security Solution

Build Resilient Security Over Your 5G Networks to Protect Against Threats Both Predictable and Unpredictable


Due to the data explosion enabled by 5G, securing every aspect of a service provider’s network from the edge has never been more important. With up to 100X number of connected devices per unit area when compared with 4G LTE, the risk of being exploited to initiate DDoS attacks have increased exponentially, and DDoS attacks will become easier and more frequent than ever.


Mitigating the risk of DDoS attacks has always been a key responsibility of network operators, but the rise of 5G networks could intensify the importance of DDoS attack protection. As high speed is a prominent feature of many, the total number of 5G base station will be ten times or even hundreds of times more than that of 4G. The expected volume of the base station, stronger efficacy of cybercrimes, and high-risk botnets make the protection of evolving 5G networks strategically important.


NSFOCUS offers a smart and accurate mitigation solution in a software-based or hardware form factor to protect against various DDoS attacks.