Leveraging experienced security experts and professional processes, methods and tools, NSFOCUS SOC team provides fully managed services to handle security threats for customers – 24/7 and in real-time, including proactive monitoring, detection, response, handling, tuning, reporting, etc., to relieve customers from the security burden and help them focus on their business to maximize revenue without panic about security incidents.


No matter a small company, large enterprise, or service provider, every organization can benefit from NSFOCUS Managed Security Services.


For Enterprises and SMBs

Enterprises and SMBs don’t need to set up one security team in-house but enjoy NSFOCUS’s cost-efficiency Managed Security Services with professional experts and always-to-date protection capability.


For Service providers and hosting providers

Service providers and hosting providers are in a unique position to reduce the amount of malicious traffic their customers receive from the Internet. Since all traffic traverses the providers’ networks, they can help eliminate the vast majority of the malicious traffic they are transporting. NSFOCUS can help Internet service providers, hosting providers and smaller service providers to protect their enterprise and small/medium business customers, generate new revenue, retain customers, create competitive differentiation and provide sustainable growth for their business.