Training Services


NSFOCUS offers a training and certification program designed to help IT and security professionals develop the skills and expertise to implement, configure, and manage NSFOCUS security solutions. We provide both online self-paced and instructor-led courses globally. After completing the training courses, students shall be able to master the logical configuration and policy of the devices, understand the attack mitigation approaches, monitor and analyze the device logs and reports and so on.


The NSFOCUS Certification Program allows you to develop career-advancing technical skills and extensive knowledge of NSFOCUS security products and solutions. The program is progressive and includes three tiers of certification:


  • NCSA – NSFOCUS Certified Security Administrator
  • NCSP – NSFOCUS Certified Security Professional
  • NCSE – NSFOCUS Certified Security Expert


The higher-level certificate is built on the knowledges and skills exhibited in previous certificates.


NSFOCUS Product-Centered Training & Certificate System