CREST-Accredited Vulnerability Assessment

NSFOCUS Vulnerability Assessment adopts professional assessment tools and the latest scanning technologies to identify security vulnerabilities and rogue devices that could impact your organization’s IT infrastructure. It’s a cost-effective service helping you achieve easier vulnerability management with straightforward patching and defense policy hardening solutions.



CREST-Accredited Penetration Test

NSFOCUS Penetration Test is delivered by certified senior test engineers to discover exploitable risks and help to achieve awareness of your current security posture. NSFOCUS Penetration Test supports black & gray box testing for compliance with top security test guidelines, including OWASP Top 10, NIST, and PCI-DSS, in addition to extensive testing including Web, APIs, IoT devices, SCADA/OT devices, internal networks, wireless and physical systems, 5G infrastructure, social engineering, etc.



Configuration Verification

Configuration Verification service verifies configurations of network devices, operation systems, databases, application servers or other agreed-upon assets for security improvement.



Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis service evaluates the current security situation and uncovers the gap between the current situation of the system and the security requirements stated in local or industrial regulations.



Network Architecture Security Analysis

Network Architecture Security Analysis service analyzes and locates potential vulnerabilities in customers’ network topology and evaluates the effectiveness of network security policies.



Dedicated Services

With Dedicated Services, you will have a specialized expert assigned to deliver customized security services as specified in a mutually agreed scope of work.



Red Team and Blue Team

Red Team

A group of NSFOCUS security experts emulates potential attacks to identify attack path that breaches an organization’s security mechanism. The goal is to level up an organization’s cybersecurity maturity by demonstrating attack activities.

Blue Team

NSFOCUS CERT monitors risks on an organization’s assets, identifies security threats, analyzes security status, gives recommended mitigation plans and stops adversary actions with deployed NSFOCUS security devices.