Cloud DPS

Cloud DDoS Protection Service

Wide Range of Attack Protections

Multiple Connectivity Options

Global Network Presence



Cloud Portal


Visibility, control, reporting, and analytics are key to managing risk. NSFOCUS provides each customer with their own web-based portal giving them visibility of their attacks, metrics, attack data, and other key information. Most importantly, the portal provides real-time policy management and advanced configuration options; providing the tools you need to maintain a solid security perimeter. With multi-tenancy and role-driven user management options available out-of-the-box, organizations can maintain their global services through a single pane of glass.

  • View active attacks
  • View graphs for total & clean traffic
  • View previous attack history
  • Under attack panic button
  • Automated mitigation
  • Remotely Triggered Black Hole (RTBH)
  • Disable mitigation to an IP
  • Automatic customer alerts
  • Enforced password complexity
  • Account activity audit log


  • Leverages BGP diversion of affected IP addresses
  • Provides on-demand and always-on protection
  • Direct, partner and GRE tunnels
  • No limits on number of mitigations
  • Ideal for service providers and medium and large enterprises
Routed IP
  • Dedicated IP addresses are allocated to organizations
  • Routable IP addresses enables seamless application and system integrations
  • Ideal for protecting public and private cloud infrastructures
  • Suitable for small to large enterprises
Virtual IP
  • Proxy-based solution for enterprises supporting reverse-proxy
  • Delivers load balancing functionality for increased performance and resilience
  • Protects multiple applications and protocol support
  • Suitable for medium and small enterprises