Service Provider Ready – Modular Architecture

Lowest Operating Cost – Choose How Much Infrastructure to Deploy

Flexible Revenue Share Model – Add Capacity as Needed

WHY Cloud-in-a-Box

Cloud security services are one of the fastest growing segments in the security market. There is especially a lot of demand for cloud security services at the local or regional level. However, building a cloud security service presents many challenges to local and regional service providers:


  • Creating a cloud service infrastructure can be very expensive; the initial cost of buying appliances, licenses, etc. can be prohibitive
  • Developing user friendly customer and administration portals are difficult and time consuming
  • In some cases, smaller providers lack datacenter capacity or even a security operations center capability
  • Smaller service providers lack experience for building security services, lacking the necessary resources and expertise to implement, manage and support cloud security services

WHAT IS Cloud-in-a-Box

CiaB includes all the parts necessary to build cloud security services. Think of CiaB as being analogous to those meal delivery services that provide all the prepared ingredients and directions on how to cook the meal, while you only need to provide the pans, stove, and oven. For CiaB, you provide connectivity and the virtual hosting environment. NSFOCUS provides:


  • Virtual security appliances
  • Virtual servers
  • Customer & provider cloud portals
  • Licenses
  • Training
  • Support


NSFOCUS has developed Cloud-in-a-Box specifically for local and regional service providers. CiaB allows providers to deploy cloud security services such WAF, web scanning and anti-DDoS with minimal expertise and upfront costs.