NSFOCUS is highly committed to its customers, delivering best in class global technical support and services offerings, meeting the needs of all customers. Our team of experienced support and services professionals is committed to ensuring successful implementation of NSFOCUS solutions, so you can effectively protect your customers and your infrastructure.

NSFOCUS Support Portal

The NSFOCUS Support Portal offers NSFOCUS customers access to product documentation and knowledge base articles.


NSFOCUS Support Offerings

NSFOCUS offers three levels of Technical Support and Services for the varying business and security needs of our customers: SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM.


SILVER Support

NSFOCUS provides first-level SILVER support to end customers through email and phone support. SILVER support includes phone access to frontline support engineers M-F 8 am – 6 pm, product documentation and knowledge base access, and remote desktop troubleshooting for severity 1 and severity 2 issues.


GOLD Support

GOLD support offerings helps customers with more proactive notifications, as well as more self-service, hands-on tools. GOLD support enhances SILVER support by providing proactive notifications, 24/7 access to support, more self-service tools, and advanced replacement services in case of hardware issues.



Our most comprehensive offering is ideal for the critical security and business needs of the enterprise. In addition to all of the benefits of the Gold support package, a dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) works closely with the customer on a proactive basis to help address security needs as well as act as a liaison between customer and backline support.

How to Contact NSFOCUS Support

Hardware and Software Support

Email: support@nsfocusglobal.com

Cloud Mitigation Support

Email: cloud-support@nsfocusglobal.com


USA: +1-844-673-6287 or +1-844-NSFOCUS


UK: +44 808 164 0673 or +44 808 164 0NSF


Australia: +61 2 8599 0673 or +61 2 8599 0NSF


Netherlands: +31 85 208 2673 or +31 85 208 2NSF


Brazil: +55 13 4042 1673 or +55 13 4042 1NSF


Japan: +81 3-4510-8673 or +81 3-4510-8NSF


Singapore: +65 3158 3757


Hong Kong: +852 5803 2673 or +852 5803 2NSF


Middle East: +973 1619 7607