SecLLM: Enhancing Cyber Security with Large Language Model – Technical White Paper Overview

SecLLM: Enhancing Cyber Security with Large Language Model – Technical White Paper Overview

January 31, 2024 | NSFOCUS

Drawing on years of accumulated expertise in security and high-quality data in the field of “artificial intelligence + security,” NSFOCUS has announced the release of its Technical White Paper: Enhancing Network Security with Security Large Language Model (SecLLM). This white paper shares the best practices and lessons learned during the development of NSFOCUS SecLLM, exploring its significance and value in the field of security. Download to get a copy of the white paper.

With NSFOCUS SecLLM as the technical foundation, NSFOCUS has developed a secure and trustworthy Security-specific Large Language Model product – NSFGPT. It can intelligently address complex security issues in real-world attack and defense scenarios, providing more professional, efficient, and customized threat response and security defense capabilities.

NSFGPT’s security capabilities have been integrated into various NSFOCUS security products and services, significantly enhancing clients’ efficiency in detecting, defending against, and responding to network threats.

NSFOCUS SecLLM – Intelligently Solving Complex Security Issues

NSFGPT is a large model specifically designed for the security industry, combining over two decades of NSFOCUS’s deep expertise in network security and more than ten years of AI security research and practice. It is a set of network security operational decision-making tools covering various scenarios such as security operations, detection and response, attack and defense, and knowledge provision.

Seven Key Technologies

1. Data Augmentation: High-quality dual-flywheel security corpus.

2. Training Acceleration: Efficient parallel acceleration incremental training.

3. Task Fine-tuning: Efficient fine-tuning for downstream security tasks.

4. Inference Acceleration: Multi-dimensional optimization of inference task acceleration.

5. Content Control: Human-machine alignment for content security control.

6. Tool Collaboration: Security tool learning for complex tasks.

7. Private Deployment: Secure model private domain interaction for enhanced privacy.

Four Dimensions to Achieve Technological Advancement

Features of NSFOCUS SecLLM: Easy, Accurate, Fast and Safe

  1. Easy: Simple LUI replaces GUI, no need for security skills – easily handles challenges.
  2. Accurate: Tool collaboration, function extension – easily solves complex security problems.
  3. Fast: Rapid access to professional knowledge, timely dynamic security service provision.
  4. Safe: Trusted, secure model – intelligently transforming in the digital world.

Ten Application Scenarios to Enhance the Value of NSFOCUS SecLLM

1. Code Vulnerability Discovery: Quickly identify potential vulnerabilities, and automatically provide suitable code suggestions, and modification solutions.

2. Intelligent Q&A: Intelligent answers and support for security questions – high quality, high efficiency, and intelligence to assist security personnel in making informed decisions.

3. Multi-Source Threat Intelligence (TI) Integration: Integrated analysis of TI information, providing more comprehensive and accurate TI support.

4. Ransomware TI Mining: Accurately identify and classify ransomware and related information, more efficiently extract valuable information.

5. Software Supply Chain Security: Efficiently integrate information from multiple sources in the software supply chain domain, enhancing the model’s semantic understanding of entities and relationships.

6. Enterprise Security EASM Assessment: Better identify, assess, and manage external attack surfaces through continuous monitoring and comprehensive data collection.

7. Attack and Defense Drills: Quickly perceive threats, assist in intelligent decision-making, and enhance the efficiency and accuracy of security defense and response.

8. Intelligent Parsing of Security Logs: In-depth understanding of the structure, semantics, and features of new types of logs, more accurately parsing different security logs.

9. Security Event Analysis and Assessment: Assist security experts in quickly, accurately, and comprehensively identifying and evaluating threat events.

10. Intelligent Security Operations Copilot: Call relevant tools to execute the decisions and plans of operational personnel, adjusting and optimizing decisions and actions in real time based on feedback information from tool execution.

Download a copy of the white paper to learn more about the techniques of the large language model specialized for the cybersecurity industry.