NSFOCUS Recognized by Independent Research Firm for Its Bot Management Capabilities

NSFOCUS Recognized by Independent Research Firm for Its Bot Management Capabilities

May 2, 2024 | NSFOCUS

NSFOCUS was included in Forrester’s The Bot Management Software Landscape, Q1 2024.

SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 2, 2024NSFOCUS, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, has been recognized by Forrester, a leading market research company, for its outstanding Bot Management capabilities. This recognition underscores NSFOCUS’s commitment to delivering innovative and effective cybersecurity solutions to its customers worldwide.

As enterprises continue their digital transformation, more and more enterprise businesses are conducted through web applications. This shift has fully exposed business systems to the Internet, rendering them susceptible to attacks from automated attack tools. To prevent corporate and individual data breaches and potential financial loss, bot traffic management has become a focus of enterprise CISOs.

NSFOCUS employs a comprehensive approach to bot management, utilizing both active and passive methods. This strategy involves identifying bot traffic through traffic signature matching and employing JavaScript challenges to acquire client browser signatures. NSFOCUS can also differentiate between the good bots and the bad bots with its built-in rule base and configurable allowlists to effectively filter and deter bad bots. In addition, it supports dynamic modifications of HTML elements on web pages to prevent potential web scraping. The system also encrypts submitted data to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks and data leakage, reducing the risk of information exposure and vulnerability exploitation.

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Key features of the dynamic bot protection include:

  • Human-Machine Recognition: Distinguishing between requests originating from bots and human users to mitigate the impact of bots on customer businesses.
  • Token Authentication: Validating the legitimacy of tokens to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • Script Configuration: Configuring specific JavaScript scripts for execution on client-side devices.
  • Data Submission Obfuscation: Encrypting submitted data to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks, data leakage, and data tampering.
  • Element Obfuscation: Dynamically altering HTML page tags to hide entry points and prevent automated tools from parsing key tags on web pages.
  • Whitelist Configuration: Matching requests on the whitelist for direct acceptance and continuing to match the next protection policy. Whitelists are only effective within the current policy.

To address market needs for application and business security, NSFOCUS has added bot management capabilities to the NSFOCUS Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) solution.

WAAP supports common WAF protection, Anti-DoS, bot protection, and API security to address common web application and API vulnerabilities. The bot management capabilities can identify bot traffic and process bad bot traffic to deter web crawlers and vulnerability scans, thereby reducing automated noise traffic on the network and the resulting risk of information leakage and vulnerability exposure.

For more information about NSFOCUS’s network security solutions, please visit www.nsfocusglobal.com.


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