NSFOCUS Receives CNVD Outstanding Contribution Award for Original Vulnerability Submission

NSFOCUS Receives CNVD Outstanding Contribution Award for Original Vulnerability Submission

October 5, 2023 | NSFOCUS

The CNVD (China National Vulnerability Database) platform recently initiated the 2022 annual technical group support unit’s capability assessment. A comprehensive assessment was conducted across six capability domains, including vulnerability collection, vulnerability discovery, big data analysis of vulnerability threat risks, vulnerability technical analysis, major vulnerability incident response, and collaborative teamwork. NSFOCUS was awarded the Outstanding Contribution Award for Original Vulnerability Submission for the year 2022.

CNVD is a national-level cybersecurity vulnerability database established jointly by the China Internet Emergency Response Center, important information system organizations, major telecommunications operators, cybersecurity companies, software manufacturers, and internet enterprises. As a leading company in the industry, NSFOCUS has consistently dedicated itself to analyzing and researching various network security flaws and vulnerabilities. NSFOCUS actively identifies, collects, analyzes, researches, and submits vulnerability information and has received numerous accolades from CNVD for its contributions in this regard.

NSFOCUS has helped many popular IT vendors, including Microsoft, Adobe, Google, Sun, Cisco, HP, and IBM, dig out over 370 CVE vulnerabilities. In addition, NSFOCUS was awarded by the Microsoft Bug Bounty Program for seven consecutive years and awarded by the Mitigation Bypass Bounty Program for six consecutive years.

NSFOCUS Security Labs was established in 2000. It has over 200 full-time security researchers engaged in eight research fields. They are:

  1. Botnets/APT/DDoS
  2. Threat intelligence/Threat hunting
  3. Cloud computing security
  4. Read and blue team techniques
  5. Cutting-edge security technologies like AI, big data
  6. Cyber Range/Digital Twins    
  7. Industrial Internet security, IoT security, IoV security
  8. Adversarial techniques

The substantial technical expertise is the core competitive advantage of NSFOCUS. NSFOCUS will continue to be dedicated to research on real-world cybersecurity capabilities, stay abreast of international cybersecurity trends, consistently engage in scenario-based, systematic, and practical security research, and effectively apply research outcomes to innovate cybersecurity products and services to contribute to the establishment of a secure and robust information security environment.