Weblogic WLS Component IIOP Protocol Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (CVE-2020-2551) Security Alert

January 29, 2020


In January 2020, the critical patch update announcement CPU (Critical Patch Update) officially released by Oracle, a remote code execution vulnerability (CVE-2020-2551) in the IIOP protocol of Weblogic WLS component was announced. (more…)

Weblogic High Risk Vulnerability Threat Alert

November 1, 2019


Recently, Oracle fixed two high-risk vulnerabilities in Weblogic (CVE-2019-2890 and CVE-2019-2891)  in its October critical patch update.




WebLogic Remote Code Execution Vulnerability(CVE-2018-3245) Threat Alert

October 22, 2018


On October 16, local time (early morning on October 17, Beijing time), Oracle officially released the October (third quarter) Critical Patch Update (CPU), which fixes a July (second quarter) CPU patch. The WebLogic remote code execution vulnerability (CVE-2018-2893) has not been fully fixed. The newly fixed vulnerability is assigned CVE-2018-3245. (more…)