The managed services opportunity – from commodity provider to valued partner

February 10, 2016

Track:  Business

Author: Dave Martin, Director of Product Marketing, NSFOCUS


Network connectivity has become a commodity business.  Business internet access once priced at $500 per month for 1.5 Mbps is now available for half of the cost at almost 70x the capacity.  While this is great for consumers, pure play service providers often struggle to maintain profitability and grow revenue in the face of increased competition. (more…)

The Heart of NSFOCUS

January 28, 2016

Track:  Technical

Author: Stephen Gates, Chief Research Intelligence Analyst, NSFOCUS

heart-583895_1920In my last blog, I wrote about traveling to Las Vegas to attend the NSFOCUS International Business Division (IBD), 2016 Sales Kickoff.  The event was a complete success and I had an opportunity to spend four days with some of the smartest and most successful individuals in our industry.   People from all over the world attended, and I have never seen such a mix of nationalities and cultures represented in our meetings and dinners.  During the event, I witnessed the most kindhearted act of my career. (more…)

Doing It Better

January 21, 2016

Track:  Technical

Author: Stephen Gates, Chief Research Intelligence Analyst, NSFOCUS


Flying at 40,000 feet above the ground always gives one a sense of clarity.  Looking down on the world from such a height can make a person feel somewhat insignificant.  However, my trip today is very noteworthy.  I will be landing in Las Vegas in a few hours and the next four days will be filled with excitement, entertainment, and education.  I am not going to Vegas for the adult playground activities like many of my fellow passengers.  I am going there to attend the most exciting event of my career; the 2016 Sales Kickoff for a widely-unknown company in the U.S. called NSFOCUS IB. (more…)

Anatomy of an attack: network bandwidth exhaustion

January 5, 2016

Track:  Technical

Author: Vann Abernethy, Field CTO, NSFOCUS

notebook-1071777_1920DDoS attacks come in three basic flavors:  network-layer, application-layer and a hybrid of the two.  This is a somewhat simplistic view but when you look at the strategy for taking someone down via DDoS, the two primary vehicles are either exhaustion of available network bandwidth or the overwhelming of back-end processing power (which can be directed either at the server system itself or the applications residing on them).  The most efficient approach to take down a target will depend on the target itself.  This is why it is important for every company to consider all of the assets that could become targets when designing anti-DDoS protection.  (more…)

DDoS attacks – more than just disruption?

December 21, 2015

Track:  General Security

Author: Vann Abernethy, Field CTO, NSFOCUS

DDoS attacks

Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks have been around for decades and have been increasing in popularity due to the relative ease in carrying one out.  Traditionally, the purpose of these attacks has been to make a site or service unavailable to its intended users for some duration via either flood-type attacks or application-layer attacks (which are smaller, but just as effective) that overwhelm the target’s network or systems. (more…)

Anatomy of an attack – DNS amplification

December 14, 2015

Track:  Technical

Author: Vann Abernethy, Field CTO, NSFOCUS

binary-823342_1920DNS amplification attacks ramp up the power of a botnet when targeting a victim.  The basic technique of a DNS amplification attack is to spoof the IP of the intended target and send a request for a large DNS zone file to any number of open recursive DNS servers.  The DNS servers blindly respond to the request, sending the large DNS zone response to the attack target.  (more…)