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Future cyber security protection: reflection from the ups and downs of Covid-19-1

September 12, 2020

2020 is almost halfway through, it is indeed a troubled period. Covid-19 swept all over the world in just a few months. The epidemic continues to spread and repeat, and has also changed many people’s inherent perceptions, including health care, public safety, organizational mobilization, economics and politics.

The concept of computer virus is derived from biological virus. There are certain similarities between the two, such as mutation, transmission, infection mechanism, etc. Once a malicious software breaks out, the consequences caused are equally serious. A typical example is the ransomware WannaCry that took advantage of the NSA’s Eternal Blue in 2017. It infected 200,000 computers in 150 countries in just a few days, even paralyzed the production lines of manufacturers such as TSMC, broke through physical isolation and destroyed important assets of the intranet. It greatly impacted people’s inherent concept of cyber attacks and cyber warfare.



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