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Illegal Upload Protection

junho 13, 2023

When a client uploads a file to a server, NSFOCUS WAF performs protection based on the file type. If the file type matches an illegal upload restriction policy, NSFOCUS WAF allows or blocks the upload based on the corresponding action specified in the policy, and logs the event. On the Illegal Upload Restriction page, customers […]

Will the device restart after importing the license for ADS, ADS M, and NTA?

junho 6, 2023

Upon successful import of the new license: After ADS, NTA, and ADS M are installed, you must import a license before using it. License types vary a bit for hardware devices and virtual devices. Hardware device: License types include Trial, Temporary Sales, and Perpetual. Virtual device (vADS, vNTA, vADSM): License types include Trial, Temporary Sales, […]

Illegal Download Protection

junho 1, 2023

When a client downloads a file from a server, NSFOCUS WAF performs protection based on the file type, file size or MIME type. If the download file matches an illegal download restriction policy, NSFOCUS WAF allows or blocks the download based on the corresponding action specified in the policy, and logs the event. On the […]

How does NIPS Block or Pass a Specific IP Address?

maio 30, 2023

Q: How does NIPS block traffic from a specific IP address or allow such traffic to pass? A: From version 5.6R11, NIPS introduces the global blacklist and whitelist. NIPS deems traffic from IP addresses in the global blacklist to be malicious by default and directly blocks such traffic. As for traffic from the allowed IP […]

How to Power Off ADS M Portal Properly

maio 22, 2023

To ensure proper shutdown of the ADS M Portal, it is recommended to synchronize memory data with the hard disk before initiating a shutdown. The command for this is sync. Failure to do so may result in data loss. After synchronization, you may proceed with the shutdown command for power off, instead of power off […]

Configuring TCP Flood Protection on NSFOCUS WAF

maio 16, 2023

According to the working principle of TCP/IP, only a certain amount of TCP/IP connections are allowed. Attackers exploit this to launch TCP flood attacks, which are divided into two types: An attacker sends too many SYN packets to a target server for processing, exhausting the server’s resources and making the server unresponsive to legitimate traffic. […]

Packet Forwarding Mode

maio 9, 2023

The packet Forwarding Mode is mainly used for debugging network faults. If this function is enabled, it indicates that the ADS device will directly forward network packets without any checks. The Packet Forwarding Enable feature can be reminded through the ADS webpage if this function is enabled. If you want to disable the packet forwarding […]

Configuring Network-Layer Access Control on NSFOCUS WAF

maio 2, 2023

The network-layer access control function mainly controls the network layer and transport layer. It is a firewall function. NSFOCUS WAF incorporates this function to enable users to configure network-layer access controls on WAF. This function is available only when NSFOCUS WAF is deployed in in-path or out-of-path mode, but unavailable when the device is in […]

Communication Port Between ADS M & Portal

abril 25, 2023

Scenario  Integrate Portal on the External Network with ADS M on the Internal Network. Required Ports The Portal has a dedicated public IP address. ADS M intranet uses a single public egress IP for external connectivity, and any access to the public network must go through this IP. To establish a connection between Portal and […]

Troubleshooting Common Errors During NTA HA Configuration

abril 18, 2023

An HA switchover is initiated when: Common errors during HA configuration: 1. “The versions of the local and peer devices are different.” is displayed during configuration. Solution: Upgrade the devices and ensure that the versions of the two devices are the same. 2. “Failed to enable the HA SSH service on the peer end.” is […]


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