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Detection of Constituent Proportions of Outbound Traffic for DDoS Attacks

novembro 15, 2022

Function Description​ This function will be released on NTA Version 4.5R90F04 in Q1 2023. In the earlier versions, the NTA identifies outbound DDoS attacks by traffic thresholds set for region IP addresses. Some customers with small-traffic businesses hope the NTA can detect constituent proportions of outbound traffic for DDoS attacks. If the outbound traffic of […]

Introduction of RESTful APIs for NIPS Version 5610 and 5611

outubro 28, 2022

A RESTful API means that API works in REST standard. RESTful API requires the front end to send requests in one predefined format, so the server only needs to use one unified interface to process. NSFOCUS NIPS can use RESTful API to get the device information or change settings. API tools need to be authorized […]


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