NSFOCUS Featured in Frost Radar™ Cloud-native Application Protection Platforms, 2022

NSFOCUS Featured in Frost Radar™ Cloud-native Application Protection Platforms, 2022

abril 5, 2023 | NSFOCUS

Santa Clara, Calif. April 5, 2023NSFOCUS, a global provider of intelligent hybrid security solutions, announced that it has been featured in Frost Radar™: Cloud-Native Application Protection Platforms (CNAPP). In this report, Frost & Sullivan identifies NSFOCUS and other 14 other companies as the powerhouses that are dominating and shaping the CNAPP market.

NSFOCUS has been logging in the cloud native field for several years and has accumulated powerful security capabilities and many research achievements.

“NSFOCUS provides all capabilities to address CNAPP use cases, including DevOps security, CSPM, CWPP, CIEM, and CNWS. The DevOps security capability helps address supply chain security challenges using solutions such as code vulnerability scanning, and SAST/DAST/IAST. Particularly, NSFOCUS’s CNAPP can provide capabilities to protect run-time containerized workload adaptively through the integration with Kubernetes-specific constructs and provides granular visibility into behavior and threat detection capabilities within the east-west network. “

– Anh Tien Vu, Industry Principal, Cybersecurity Research Lead at Frost & Sullivan

The integrated security platform of NSFOCUS CNAPP changes the security protection approach from “infrastructure-centric” to “microservice application-centric”, protects container image building and distribution and cloud-native orchestration and management components, and mitigates the security risks of run-time containerized workloads for organizational cloud-native businesses.

NSFOCUS CNAPP provides granular visibility into cloud-native resources and security situations through a unified security management platform, thus helping customer DevSecOps teams promptly discover security threats in cloud-native environments and provide an easy-to-use handling mechanism, helping customers implement a DevSecOps culture in the cloud-native era.


  • Innovatively detects east-west traffic between containers for network threats with minimal impact on customer business resources.
  • Closely connects to K8s, realizes flexible deployment through DaemonSet and adapts to dynamic changes of cloud-native businesses.
  • Establishes container behavior baselines through powerful machine learning algorithms and supports real-time detection, analysis, and alerting of abnormal container behaviors.
  • Supports unified security management and consistency of policy configuration in heterogeneous environments such as multiple clouds and hybrid clouds.

Relying on NSFOCUS’s T-ONE ClOUD architecture, NSFOCUS CNAPP Solution develops comprehensive cloud-native security products and services and provides users with security capabilities to meet user needs for integrated security detection and protection of cloud-native applications.

As a practice of NSFOCUS’s Intelligent Security 3.0, NSFOCUS T-ONE CLOUD is designed to build a cloud-based security operations system that provides users with elastic, agile and closed-loop security capabilities. Various forms of security capabilities accumulated by NSFOCUS can be offered as services to users through the T-ONE CLOUD architecture to help customers from any industry complete digital transformation smoothly.