NSFOCUS Cloud DDoS Protection Service Summary of 2022

NSFOCUS Cloud DDoS Protection Service Summary of 2022

janeiro 19, 2023 | NSFOCUS

NSFOCUS published the Summary of Cloud DDoS Protection 2022 recently. This summary comes from DDoS attacks protected by NSFOCUS Cloud DDoS Protection Service (Cloud DPS) in the year 2022.

The following service highlights can be found in the report:

  • DDoS attack timeline, volume and attack type distribution collected from NSFOCUS Cloud DPS;
  • Top 3 attacks by traffic volume, cases show that NSFOCUS Managed Security Service (MSS) has worked to mitigate more than 99% of malicious traffic;  
  • New types of DDoS attacks discovered, with attack characteristics and countermeasures disclosed.

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The DDoS attack makes online assets, services and applications unavailable for legitimate users by exhausting resources. As DDoS attacks are very easy to create and are constantly evolving, organizations must be prepared with effective countermeasures against sophisticated and volumetric attacks.

Nearly all industry experts recognize the fact that defeating the broad spectrum of DDoS attacks requires more than just cloud DDoS defenses, and more than just on-premises defenses. It requires both. From volumetric DDoS attacks to low-and-slow DDoS attacks, the best approach to defeat all DDoS attacks requires a combination of on-premises defenses and cloud defenses – called Hybrid DDoS Defenses. NSFOCUS offers an intelligent hybrid DDoS mitigation solution and supports fully automatic diversion without any manual intervention.

NSFOCUS started its own global Cloud DPS service in 2016. For now, it has 7 global Scrubbing Centers carrying Terabit capacity to ensure its customers are protected against even the largest DDoS attacks in history. In addition to the benefit of close-to-source traffic scrubbing, well-selected transit providers combined with Anycast technology ensure all customers could enjoy the consolidated mitigation by all Scrubbing Centers simultaneously, not worrying about traffic congestion in the local Scrubbing Center due to mass DDoS attack volume.

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