NSFOCUS International Business (IB) to Build New Cloud DDoS Mitigation Solution & Centers

NSFOCUS International Business (IB) to Build New Cloud DDoS Mitigation Solution & Centers

fevereiro 9, 2016 | NSFOCUS

New offering features greater flexibility for organizations seeking to supplement existing defenses

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – February 8, 2016 – NSFOCUS IB will build its own global cloud-based Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation services. This next stage in the Company’s growth provides the ability to deliver both cloud and hybrid operating models to boost the flexibility and security capabilities for enterprises, managed service providers (MSPs) and Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

The new offering combines the strengths of the NSFOCUS Anti-DDoS System (ADS) platform, utilizing its multi-stage inspection and analysis processes to enable the highest rates of speed, efficiency and accuracy, with new cloud mitigation centers in the Americas, Europe and APAC. NSFOCUS will be able to deliver cost-effective solutions providing enterprises and service providers additional defenses against large sustained attacks as well as smaller, more vicious attacks. NSFOCUS will make these vital defenses a viable option for companies that may have an anti-DDoS solution on premise but need greater resources, as well as for enterprises and service providers that now rely on solutions that can take more than 30 minutes to become operational.

“Despite the clear need for greater flexibility in warding off DDoS attacks, most enterprises don’t have too many choices in the solutions available,” said Jason Yuan, VP, Product Management, at NSFOCUS IB. “They typically deploy on-premises defenses or rely on cloud-based solutions that can involve dangerous delays. The ideal answer is a hybrid solution that uses both in-house appliances in tandem with cloud-based mitigation services as needed. That’s what we are building through the NSFOCUS IB cloud mitigation centers, and we believe it will represent the perfect choice for organizations of all sizes.”

DDoS attacks are designed to make network and system resources unavailable, typically by overpowering them, rendering them unusable. This can have a disastrous effect on a company’s operations and reputation. A broad-scale and sustained attack can strain the capacity of the on premise appliances, and without adequate cloud mitigation services in place, services can be left inoperable for hours if not days. That’s a critical problem in today’s competitive real-time environment.

NSFOCUS ADS stands apart from the competition by using a multi-stage inspection and analysis process that combines anti-spoofing, protocol behavior analysis, user behavior analysis, specific application protection, dynamic fingerprint identification, bandwidth control and other techniques and tools to mitigate attacks. It’s a comprehensive approach that offers the lowest rates of both false positives and negatives, along with the highest level of efficiency.

As sustained attacks happen—as they do with unfortunate frequency in this business climate—the NSFOCUS cloud mitigation center will instantly step up and handle rerouted traffic, which is then scrubbed of the harmful content and returned to the customer’s network. While the new offering is technically a hybrid, the mitigation centers can also serve as the first line of defense for organizations without an anti-DDoS appliance on premise.