What Information will Master/Backup NTAs Share

What Information will Master/Backup NTAs Share

julho 6, 2022 | Jie Ji

After two NTAs are configured to operate as the master and backup NTAs for hot standby, the master NTA will synchronize the configuration to the backup one in real time. This will guarantee that the configuration of the backup NTA is consistent with that of the master NTA.

The synchronized configuration information includes the following:

1. Monitoring object configuration

2. Alert configuration template

3. Global alert configuration

4. Universal diversion configuration

5. Flow acquisition and forwarding configuration

6. Data dictionary configuration

7. Basic system configuration

8. Three-party interface configuration

9. User management configuration 10. The threshold of self-learning baseline application

If one of the following faults occurs on the master NTA, the master/backup switchover is triggered.

1. Any interface in the VRRP group goes down.

2. The system restarts.

3. The system engine is down.

4. The system power fails.