Future cyber security protection: reflection from the ups and downs of Covid-19-2

setembro 13, 2020

Biological virus and computer virus share similarities in some characters such as transmissibility. From the solutions to the COVID-19, we can learn the gain and loss of cyber security defense and protection, analyze the new trends and techniques and come up with the new ideas of defense and protection against attacks in the cyber security industry.


Technical Report on Container Security (III)-3

dezembro 29, 2018

Security Risks and Challenges – Container Application Security Threat

Container Application Security Threat
  • Microservice Security
From traditional monolithic applications to modern microservice applications, security has always been a hot issue. A monolithic application usually exposes fewer services and ports,narrowing the attack surface. In addition, security professionals know common points from which attacks are often launched. Therefore, security is not that big of a problem for such applications as long as they are properly protected. (mais…)

Doing It Better

janeiro 21, 2016

Track:  Technical

Author: Stephen Gates, Chief Research Intelligence Analyst, NSFOCUS


Flying at 40,000 feet above the ground always gives one a sense of clarity.  Looking down on the world from such a height can make a person feel somewhat insignificant.  However, my trip today is very noteworthy.  I will be landing in Las Vegas in a few hours and the next four days will be filled with excitement, entertainment, and education.  I am not going to Vegas for the adult playground activities like many of my fellow passengers.  I am going there to attend the most exciting event of my career; the 2016 Sales Kickoff for a widely-unknown company in the U.S. called NSFOCUS IB. (mais…)


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