NSFOCUS Included in Forrester Network Analysis and Visibility (NAV) Landscape

NSFOCUS Included in Forrester Network Analysis and Visibility (NAV) Landscape

março 3, 2023 | NSFOCUS

Santa Clara, Calif. March 03, 2023 – NSFOCUS, a global provider of intelligent hybrid security solutions, announced today that it has been included in Forrester’s recently published report, The Network Analysis and Visibility Landscape, Q1 2023. The report provides an overview of the market development, functions, and technologies of NAV products in detail.

As one of the most rigorous comprehensive vendor capability assessment models universally acknowledged by the industry, Forrester’s reports on specific technical fields are highly recognized worldwide. In this report, Forrester defines NAV as “security solutions that deploy passively in networks to analyze network traffic to detect threats using behavioral and signature-based approaches; discover and establish relationships between assets; analyze traffic flow; extract relevant metadata; enable full or targeted packet capture; integrate with other control points to remediate detected threats; and enable network forensics.” In short, users can clearly know about their own network status in a visual form by deploying NAV solutions, accurately identify various intrusion behaviors through AI, machine learning, behavior analysis, and other means, conduct real-time determination and traceback of attack time, and introduce telemetry technology to collaborate with endpoint detection and response (EDR), network detection and response (NDR), next-generation firewalls, and other security products for automated orchestration and handling, so as to improve the response speed of overall network security protection.

According to Forrester’s report, NSFOCUS is included in the large market size segment for NAV product and service providers, offers users a domain-specific solution/application, and has an industry focus in finance, government, and telecom.

In the era of data explosion, in order to meet customers’ growing demand for network analysis and real-time visualization, NSFOCUS has developed NSFOCUS MagicFlow (MF), which takes abnormal traffic analysis, threat detection, traffic direction, application traffic analysis, attack attribution, and visualization as its core functions. With the help of big data collection, threat intelligence, machine learning, and other technologies, MF provides network-wide visualized analysis and collaborates with NSFOCUS Network Traffic Analyzer (NTA) to implement integrated and complete detection and analysis solutions. In response to NAV customers’ requirements for attack direction visualization, MF provides visualized analysis of external, internal, intra-province, local, and cross-border attacks. In terms of the key requirements of attack attribution and traceback, MF comes with the capability of topology configuration that allows users to mark router and interface names in topologies and view the information and traffic of each interface, thus visualizing attack paths and facilitating users’ network optimization and attack attribution.

In terms of network offensive and defensive capabilities, NSFOCUS Network Detection and Response (NSFOCUS ISOP-NDR) stores all traffic data and provides data analysis as a core function aided by automated handling. It effectively supports threat analysis, determination, handling, and traceback and allows customers to intuitively perceive business threats and business losses through the red team and blue team in which specific protection capabilities are tested, without affecting customers’ businesses. Ultimately, customers will improve their defenses accordingly. In addition, ISOP-NDR can effectively improve the depth of security analysis and improve customers’ security protection system by focusing on widely known incidents, high-risk vulnerabilities, covert attacks, advanced persistent threats (APTs), and other advanced attacks.

Compared with other similar products, NSFOCUS‘s NAV-related products have leading advantages in core functions such as APT detection, abnormal traffic analysis, real-time threat handling, and attack attribution, and are aimed to provide comprehensive and intelligent cybersecurity solutions that facilitate real-time responses. Up to now, NSFOCUS’s NAV-related products have been applied in the government, finance, telecom carrier, enterprise, education, and other sectors, helping users evolve to the next-generation cybersecurity architecture and effectively addressing challenges brought by the development of 5G technologies.