Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak and Moody’s Eye: Software Defined Perimeter (SDP)

outubro 12, 2022

In the last series of popular science, we talked about Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and learned the three critical technologies of zero trust—SDP, IAM and MSG. In this article, we will continue to introduce a security capability of NSFOCUS SASE – the SDP, one of the three major technologies. What is SDP? The SDP […]

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA): Never Trust, Always Verify

junho 20, 2022

After the prior two posts (SASE Popular Science Series – Understanding SD-WAN and SASE: The Relationship Between SD-WAN and SASE), you may already have a basic understanding of SD-WAN, which is used for network connections among users, assets and NSFOCUS Cloud in SASE. What security capabilities does NSFOCUS offer then? In the next few sessions, […]

SASE Popular Science Series – Understanding SD-WAN

fevereiro 1, 2022

SASE (Security Access Services Edge) is a SaaS service that integrates security and network (To learn about what the SASE is, read SASE, Born for Digital Age). It incorporates too many new concepts. To make it easier to understand, we decided to post the popular science series on SASE, which can simplify the concepts so […]

SASE, Born for Digital Age

agosto 19, 2021

SASE (Security Access Services Edge, pronounced sassy /ˈsæsi/) is a network security service architecture introduced by Gartner in 2019. Gartner defines it as “an emerging offering combining comprehensive WAN capabilities with comprehensive network security functions (such as SWG, CASB, FWaaS, and ZTNA) to support the dynamic security access needs of digital enterprises.” In the diagram below, […]


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