Turkey Companies Targeted by RedBeard with Phishing Attacks

junho 12, 2023

I. Summary Recently, NSFOCUS Security Labs observed some phishing attacks targeting Turkish companies, including the Turkish industrial group Borusan Holding, communication operator Turkcell, bank Vakıf Katılım, and online lottery service company Nesine. The attacker placed different types of phishing documents and new Trojan programs in this group of activities to steal file data of the […]

APT Group Lazarus Distributing Korean Phishing Lures to Feel Out Cryptocurrency Users

abril 12, 2022

Overview Recently, NSFOCUS Security Labs captured a series of phishing documents containing specific Korean bait information. Most of these documents contain keywords such as “BTC”, “ETH”, “NFT”, and “account information”, which trick victims into opening them and then use remote template injection to implant malicious programs, thereby stealing host information. Analysis shows that these phishing […]

Highlights of 2021 Security Emergency Incident Observations

fevereiro 23, 2022

Intro The world of cybersecurity is rapidly changing and technologies continue to evolve and innovate. While emerging technologies on big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, mobile payment, just name a few, are helping digital transformation, new security risks expose constantly. Security incidents handled by NSFOCUS emergency response team in 2021 reaches 438, an increase […]

India’s National APT Organization SideWinder Launched Phishing Attacks

fevereiro 17, 2022

Overview Recently, NSFOCUS Labs discovered that the South Asian APT organization SideWinder launched phishing attacks with documents used Pakistan National Day-related content as the bait. The domain name of command and control (C2) server was forged as a Pakistani government website. Since SideWinder ‘s targets include Pakistan and China, it has always been considered an […]

Russian APT Group Gamaredon Launches Phishing Campaign against Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

fevereiro 10, 2022

Recently, NSFOCUS Security Labs captured a fishing document with the theme “ПАРТНЕРИ КУЛЬТУРНОЇ ДИПЛОМАТІЇ МЗС УКРАЇНИ” (Cultural Diplomatic Partner of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs), and confirmed that the producer of the document was Gamaredon, a Russia-based advanced persistent threat group. The phishing document contains highly credible bait content, and uses a payload protection method […]

APT Retrospection: FIN7 Uses Windows 11 Topics as Bait to Do Spear Phishing Attacks

fevereiro 3, 2022

Overview In July 2021, NSFOCUS Security Labs captured a number of phishing documents using windows 11 related topics as bait. These phishing documents show some ideas and techniques that are different from common phishing attacks. Through in-depth analysis, NSFOCUS Security Labs found that the phishing files are part of a large-scale spear attacks being carried out by […]

Analysis of Phishing Attacks Targeting Ukrainian Banks

setembro 1, 2017

Overview On August 17, 2017, the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) warned financial institutions in the country about a potential cyberattack. The virus would exploit the CVE-2015-2545 vulnerability to cause remote code execution by sending emails with the code disguised as a Microsoft Word document. Subsequently, a cybersecurity institution found traces of such an attack […]


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