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Pay Attention to New SLP Vulnerability That May Lead to Massive DDoS Amplification Attacks

maio 23, 2023

A new reflective Distributed-Denial-of-Service (DDoS) amplification vulnerability was recently discovered in the Service Location Protocol (SLP), which allows attackers to achieve a high amplification factor of over 2,200 times. This vulnerability has been identified as CVE-2023-29552, potentially making it one of the largest amplification attacks ever recorded. SLP is a protocol that provides a dynamic […]

Retrospective of Insights at RSAC 2023: The Secret Life of Enterprise Botnets

IoT botnets

maio 18, 2023

Secret Life of Enterprise Botnets The Secret Life of Enterprise Botnets is a speech in a session of RSA Conference 2023 by Dr. Craig Labovitz, Head of Technology for the Deepfield business unit at Nokia. In collaboration with global Internet providers, researchers tracked more than 500,000 compromised enterprise servers, security cameras and IoT (HVAC, PoS, […]

A Recap of NSFOCUS Seminar on “Are You Ready for the Evolving DDoS Threat Landscape? “

maio 11, 2023

In the middle of April, NSFOCUS held a seminar on “Are You Ready for the Evolving DDoS Landscape?”. In the seminar, David Gao, Principal Security Solution Architect of NSFOCUS summarized the findings of the Global DDoS Attack Landscape in 2022 and gave his insights on the trends to help customers protect against the evolving DDoS attacks. Some topics […]

Malaysia’s Leading Telecommunications Company Enhances Anti-DDoS Capability with NSFOCUS Solution

abril 28, 2023

Background The customer is a leading integrated telecommunications services provider in Malaysia, offering a comprehensive range of communication services and solutions in fixed line, mobility, content, Wi-Fi, and smart services. Any cyber threat to the continuity and availability of business may bring huge economic losses and a reputation crisis. As cyber threats escalate and DDoS […]

Behind the Rise of ChatGPT

abril 27, 2023

ChatGPT is like a bomb in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) world, causing vibrations that have gradually spread to various industries. Against the backdrop of the widespread application of AI, why can ChatGPT still stand out and become the new top stream of popular discussion? After analyzing the core of ChatGPT, it is not difficult to […]

NSFOCUS Blocked an 8-Day Persistent DDoS Attack with 386.5 Gbps Peak Traffic

abril 25, 2023

What happened In March 2023, NSFOCUS security team blocked the worst DDoS attack of the year. The attack was targeted at an Internet service provider customer located in Brazil, with a peak attack traffic of 386.5 Gbps and astonishing total attack traffic of 1184.4 Tbps. This large-scale DDoS attack lasted for 8 days, posing huge […]

Why IPS and Firewalls Are Not Anti-DDoS Solutions?

março 24, 2023

Not all distributed denial of service (DDoS) defenses are created equal. Whether it’s a Web Application Firewall (WAF), Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Content Delivery Network (CDN) or traditional firewall, every “defense” has its own purpose, potential and peril. Even a firewall that claims to have Anti-DDoS capabilities built-in has only one method of blocking attacks: […]

22 DDoS Attacks to See Trends in 2023

março 23, 2023

2022 was a turbulent year full of regional conflicts. NSFOCUS Global Threat Hunting System detected a large number of DDoS worldwide in 2022, with some governments or banks suffering from the largest attacks in their history. Launching a DDoS attack is not expensive but can paralyze critical infrastructure and network systems, bringing huge economic losses […]

NSFOCUS Releases 2022 Global DDoS Attack Landscape Report

março 16, 2023

Santa Clara, Calif. March 16, 2023 – NSFOCUS, a global provider of intelligent hybrid security solutions, today released its “2022 Global DDoS Attack Landscape Report” which includes many findings to help organizations and users defend against DDoS attacks.  According to the report, The DDoS attack landscape remains challenging. The increasing number of DDoS attacks in 2022 […]

NSFOCUS Zero-Trust Anti-DDoS Solution Enhances Protection Capability against C&C and Bot Attacks

fevereiro 2, 2023

Santa Clara, Calif. February 02, 2023 – NSFOCUS, a global provider of intelligent hybrid security solutions, announced today that it has been selected in Forrester’s recently published report, The Forrester Tech Tide™: Zero Trust Threat Prevention, Q4 2022 for its NSFOCUS Anti-DDoS System (ADS). The report presents an in-depth analysis of technology maturity and business […]


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