AI and Cybersecurity: Unveiling NSFOCUS’s Innovative Edge at HKIB Cybersecurity Solutions Day 2024

março 26, 2024

On March 15th, the Cybersecurity Solutions Day event, organized by the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers (HKIB), officially commenced. The event focused on addressing the increasingly complex cybersecurity environment influenced by AI technologies, gathering globally renowned information security vendors and experts to discuss new trends and models driven by AI in cybersecurity. NSFOCUS, as a […]

AI Supply Chain Security: Hugging Face Malicious ML Models

março 5, 2024

Introduction to Hugging Face Malicious ML Models Background A recent report by JFrog researchers found that some machine learning models on Hugging Face may be used to attack the user environment. These malicious models will lead to code execution when loaded, providing the attacker with the ability to gain full control of the infected machine […]

Interpretation of Guidelines for Secure AI System Development

dezembro 11, 2023

Introduction On November 26, 2023,  the Guidelines for secure AI system development was jointly released by the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), in collaboration with the US National Security Agency (NSA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the cybersecurity and information security departments of over […]

An Insight into RSA 2023: Using AI to Synthesize De-identified Data

junho 26, 2023

At the 2023 RSA conference, CISO and researchers from Virginia’s Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services shared a topic entitled ” Rise of the Machines: Achieving Data Security and Analytics with AI”. They proposed the use of artificial intelligence to rapidly synthesize “de-identified” data, thus avoiding significant resource consumption and human error. In this […]

An Insight into RSAC 2023: Convergence of Threat Intelligence and AI

Uma imagem que ilustra um cérebro em desenho artificial.

junho 19, 2023

I. Overview In cybersecurity, big data is transforming threat intelligence and artificial intelligence, providing security teams with the flexibility to respond to changing environments. At the 2023 RSAC, Microsoft Vice President John Lambert discussed the convergence of intelligence and AI at the intersection of data and threats. The topic focused on how defenders can leverage […]

Models are also assets: AI will be a new arena of attack and defense

abril 26, 2023

On the afternoon of April 24, 2023, RSA Conference announced the winner of the innovation sandbox contest this year, and HiddenLayer, an AI security vendor, was crowned the Most Innovative Startup 2023. Starting from HiddenLayer, the innovative sandbox champion, this article will further interpret and explore AI security. Figure 1. HiddenLayer Won the Most Innovative […]

8 Potential Security Hazards of ChatGPT

abril 18, 2023

Summary OpenAI opened for testing ChatGPT on November 30, 2022, and since then, ChatGPT has become popular worldwide. ChatGPT, an AI-driven chat robot, has become the fastest-growing consumer application in the past two decades of internet development. But while it made a hit, ChatGPT also faces security risks in AI’s own data and models. Given […]

ChatGPT Popularity Spurs Poisoning and Phishing Attacks

março 2, 2023

ChatGPT, the popular chat-based artificial intelligence platform, is becoming a target for malicious actors. Poisoning and phishing attacks are on the rise as more people use the platform for personal and business purposes. Poisoning Attack Targeting Open-Sourced ChatGPT Project A threat actor forked a very popular open-source ChatGPT desktop application project and implanted a data-stealing […]

AISecOps Development Trend

novembro 10, 2021

As an old saying goes, “Rome was not built in a day”, it is impossible to build AISecOps capabilities simply by following the example of other businesses. In fact, the most topical and mature AI technology is widely applied, but needs to be delved a little deeper. For instance, typical intelligence services like intelligence speech […]


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