TJAL Adopts Anti-DDoS Solution

TJAL Adopts Anti-DDoS Solution

novembro 1, 2018 | Andre Mello

SAO PAULO, Brazil,. November 1, 2018 – Aloo Telecom has hired Everest Ridge for a data security assessment in a project for the Alagoas Court of Justice (TJAL). In order to protect the attack environment, the company implemented an NSFOCUS product.

“As a result of increased hacking attacks, bidding bids have come to require highly reliable, state-of-the-art protection measures. The NSFOCUS solution implemented by Everest Ridge has guaranteed us very high connectivity and an absolutely secure network for our customer” said Jouassyr Cavalcanti, Aloo Telecom’s pre-sales manager.

In 2017, Brazil was targeted by more than 700 denial of service attacks per day. Also known as Denial of Service (DDoS) or Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, hackers use unduly millions of common computers simultaneously (DDoS) or just a single point (DoS) to cause servers to collapse of companies and public agencies, preventing end users from accessing their services through the Internet.

“The DDoS and DoS attacks of hackers depart mainly from China, but they are also expressive in the Brazilian market. We are already the sixth country in the world most affected by this problem, and the scenario has been worsening since 2016, in the same proportion that digital transformation accelerates” says Eduardo Meirelles, commercial director of Everest Ridge.

The solution implemented in TJ Alagoano includes monitoring and analysis of data traffic, issuing alerts and mitigating attacks of up to 10Gbps.

“The NSFOCUS anti-DDoS solution also has other important differences. Server protection takes place in up to 20 seconds, the shortest time in the data mitigation market. We also adopted an algorithm that allows for the lowest false positive rate of attacks, avoiding unnecessary disorders” said Andre Tristão e Mello, vice president of NSFOCUS in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Everest Ridge was founded in 2010 and serves customers such as Eletronet, Master, Engemon IT and L5 Networks.

Aloo Telecom is a regional telecommunications company founded in 2003 in Alagoas.

The company divides its business into four segments: corporate (with customers such as Fiat and Grupo Carlos Lyra), government (in which it lists names like Alagoas Terminal of Justice), ISP and carrier.

Last year, Aloo entered a new market segment from a partnership with Oracle, when it started to offer Aloo Cloud Powered by Oracle. As a result, Oracle’s cloud portfolio is combined with Aloo’s connectivity services, which have high-data-stream fiber-optic backbone and have a capacity of up to 4Tbps.