Technical Report on Container Security

Technical Report on Container Security (II)-1

11 Security Solutions for Small Business

novembro 7, 2018

Container Basics — Container Image

Container Image

Images are the basis of containers. The container engine service can use different images to launch different containers. After a container becomes faulty, the service can be promptly restored by deleting the faulty container and launching a new one thanks to the underlying technique of container images[i]. (mais…)

Technical Report on Container Security (I)

outubro 31, 2018


In recent years, the cloud computing model has gradually been universally recognized and accepted in the industry. In China, sectors such as governments, finance, carriers, and energy as well as small and medium-size organizations, to varying degrees, have migrated their business to the cloud. However, just turning hosts, platforms, or applications into virtual form cannot solve their legacy issues such as slow upgrade, clumsy architecture, and no support for rapid iteration. Then the concept of cloud native comes into being. (mais…)


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