Cloud Native Security

The Imperative for Zero Trust in a Cloud-Native Environment

dezembro 7, 2023

What is Zero Trust Security? Zero-trust security is not a specific technology or product, but a security model based on the concept that “All entities are untrusted”. Forrester defines zero trust as “Zero Trust is an information security model that denies access to applications and data by default. Threat prevention is achieved by only granting […]

An Insight into RSAC 2023: Build Cloud-Native Security Base Based on Zero Trust

junho 21, 2023

At the 2023 RSA conference, Tracy Walker, Senior Security Engineer from SUSE NeuVector, shared with us a transparent (business- and environment-neutral) approach to blocking 0-Day attacks in K8S environments – Zero Trust Principle and demonstrated it using an open source tool, NeuVector. Based on Tracy’s zero-trust viewpoint and the SUSE solution, NSFOCUS security researcher explores […]

NSFOCUS Featured in Frost Radar™ Cloud-native Application Protection Platforms, 2022

abril 5, 2023

Santa Clara, Calif. April 5, 2023 – NSFOCUS, a global provider of intelligent hybrid security solutions, announced that it has been featured in Frost Radar™: Cloud-Native Application Protection Platforms (CNAPP). In this report, Frost & Sullivan identifies NSFOCUS and other 14 other companies as the powerhouses that are dominating and shaping the CNAPP market. NSFOCUS […]

Cloud Native Security in Infrastructure Construction

setembro 15, 2021

Cloud native security is the development trend of cloud security in the coming years. On the one hand, inherent security of cloud native is worthy of in-depth study. On the other hand, with the reconstruction and upgrade of infrastructure, there is a clear trend towards the integration of cloud native technologies and information infrastructure. 5G, edge […]

Top Four Risks When Using Serverless Function in Cloud Native Applications

setembro 10, 2021

Serverless is a new computing mode of the cloud native architecture, mainly taking the form of function as a service (FaaS). For the serverless mode, developers will write a function and define when and how to invoke it and then the function will run in the server provided by the cloud provider. All developers need […]

API Security in Cloud Native Applications

setembro 7, 2021

Cloud native applications, based on the microservice architecture, interact with each other by sending requests or response through APIs. Arguably, API communications play an essential role in interactions of cloud native applications. Therefore, API security is an indispensable part of cloud native application security. API-related security issues shown below have a direct impact on security […]

Zero-Trust Cloud Native Network Security Enabled by Micro-segmentation

agosto 31, 2021

Traditional networks or virtual networks have employed network segregation technologies like VLAN or VPC which are, however, more often used for segregation of deterministic networks or tenant networks. In cloud native environments, containers or microservices have a shorter lifecycle and change more frequently compared with traditional networks or tenant networks. Complex business access relationships are […]

Security Visibility Augmented by Cloud Native

agosto 25, 2021

In the cloud native era, containerized infrastructure makes possible much more lightweight applications that run faster. Dozens or even hundreds of containers can be rapidly deployed and run on a host. What’s more, Kubernetes and other container orchestration platforms provide excellent security management mechanisms like load balancing, task scheduling, and fault tolerance. Therefore, in a […]

Security Risks and Threats of Containerized Infrastructure

agosto 17, 2021

As a kind of lightweight virtualization technology, containers run in the operating system kernel of a host. Therefore, traditional security issues remain in hosts and networks. Besides, container escape risks, container image risks, virtual network risks, and configuration risks will become new security threats facing containerized infrastructure. Attacks on Container Images With the prevalence of […]


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