APT34 Unleashes New Wave of Phishing Attack with Variant of SideTwist Trojan

agosto 30, 2023

Recently, NSFOCUS Security Labs captured a new APT34 phishing attack. During the campaign, APT34 attackers disguised as a marketing services company called GGMS launched attacks against enterprise targets and released a variant of SideTwist Trojan to achieve long-term control of the victim host. Introduction to APT34 APT34, also known as OilRig or Helix Kitten, is […]

APT34 Event Analysis Report

novembro 9, 2019

1 Overview

On April 18, 2019 a hacker/hacker organization sold a toolkit of the APT34 group, under the false name of Lab Dookhtegan, on a Telegram channel. The organization also posted screenshots of the tool’s backend panels, where victim data had been collected. Early in the middle of March 2019, this hacker/hacker organization had released and sold this toolkit on the Internet. Interestingly, the CEO of a security company in Kuwait took to Twitter to stress in particular the authenticity of this post. (mais…)

Analysis of File Disclosure by APT34

maio 6, 2019

1 About APT34

APT34, exposed to the public view in 2014, mainly targets Middle Eastern countries and some international organizations. APT34 attacks a variety of sectors mainly in the Middle East, but not limited to finance, government, energy, chemical engineer, and telecommunications. (mais…)


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