NSFOCUS Forms Strategic Partnerships in LATAM and Around the World

NSFOCUS Forms Strategic Partnerships in LATAM and Around the World

janeiro 14, 2019 | Andre Mello

By: Andre Tristao e Mello, Vice President, Latin America & Caribbean, NSFOCUS

At NSFOCUS, we are always looking for ways to better serve and work with our customers — from innovative product updates to partnerships; we’re dedicated to helping and protecting our customers. Across the LATAM region, we focused many of our efforts into building and creating strategic partnerships with leading IT and security companies to deliver unmatched solutions and products for our customers in the region.

We are thrilled to share that we have added Danresa, NEC/Arcon and Solutione to our roster of security partners, bringing our total numbers of partners in the LATAM region to twelve. Before these additions, we have already been working with Everest Ridge, DFTI, Oakmont Group, and 2BF to make our solutions stronger. Not only have these new partners helped us reach new customers in the LATAM region but also around the world. For example, with NEC/Arcon has helped us reach a more global scale, especially in the APAC region as they are a leader in Japan and are working with us to secure larger international users.


Danresa is one of the most critical security players in Brazil, as they are the primary provider of Fortinet products in the country. NSFOCUS is a perfect match for the Danresa portfolio, and by combining ADDOS products, we have been able to provide customers with one of the most reliable and comprehensive network security solutions on the market since November 2018.


NEC is one of the best telco-IT integrators in LATAM, and since they acquired Arcon a few years ago, they continue to be a leading provider of mobile technologies and security services. Since beginning our partnership in October 2018, we are now offering an exclusive DDoS Mitigation solution that will help ISPs better integrated and stay secure. This partnership has also opened NSFOCUS on a global basis, together as partners, we can offer our combined services to organizations around the world.


Solutione is a leading channel partner and integrator for service providers, IP networks and security in LATAM and more specifically Brazil. Solutione is one of the most trusted and popular security brands in the region, and together, we have been together since November 2018 and are looking forward to continuing our work to better service and secure larger enterprise customers that are looking to address their security needs.

Many of our customers, new and old, have already seen the benefits of these partnerships and the effects of the powerful combined solutions. We have been able to grow our pipeline 50 percent more in Q4 of 2018 with these new offerings. None of these partnerships would have been able to happen without the standout products and solutions already offered by NSFOCUS. Our next-gen products, from DDoS mitigation to threat intelligence, have been recognized by these partners and made them excited to join forces with us to better services organizations around the world.