DDoS Attack Landscape 5

DDoS Attack Landscape 5

abril 22, 2020 | Adeline Zhang

Controlled DDoS Attack Sources

According to statistics, China was still home to the largest number of controlled DDoS attack sources (36.19%) in 2019, followed by the USA and UK. Although China’s ranking remained
unchanged in terms of the number, the proportion decreased compared with 2018. This indicates that China’s DDoS governance and defenses have yielded fruits.

DDoS Attack Targets

In 2019, the USA was the most severely attacked country, seeing 47.68% of DDoS attacks, followed by China (12.13%).

DDoS Control Servers

Globally, the USA, China, and Holland were top 3 countries with the largest number of IP addresses of DDoS control servers, making up 53.13% of the world’s total.

To be continued.