Security Tips

“WeChat Pay” Ransomware Analysis and Decryption Tool

dezembro 10, 2018

Risk Overview

Recently, over 20,000 PCs in China have fallen victim to WeChat Pay ransomware. Files on the affected devices are encrypted by the ransomware. To regain access to the files, users are asked to scan a WeChat QR code that appears in a pop-up window and pay 110 yuan (about $16) in ransom. So far, WeChat carrier has suspended the use of this QR code. It also steals passwords to popular platforms including Alipay, Baidu Cloud, internet company NetEase’s 163 email service, Tencent’s instant messaging platform QQ, Taobao, Tmall, and (mais…)

Office Area——Strangers’ Entrance

novembro 2, 2018

Office safety should not be underestimated.



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