Apache Tomcat

Apache Tomcat Session Deserialization Code Execution Vulnerability (CVE-2021-2532 9) Threat Alert

março 5, 2021

Vulnerability Description On March 1, 2021, NSFOCUS observed that Apache Software Foundation (ASF) released a security bulletin to announce the fix of a remote code execution vulnerability via session persistence. This vulnerability is due to the bypass of the patch against CVE-2020-9484. If Tomcat’s session persistence function is used, its insecure configuration allows attackers to […]

Apache Tomcat File Inclusion Vulnerability (CVE-2020-1938) Threat Alert

março 2, 2020

Vulnerability Description

On February 20, China National Vulnerability Database (CNVD) released an Apache Tomcat file inclusion vulnerability (CNVD-2020-10487/CVE-2020-1938). This vulnerability is due to a flaw in the Tomcat Apache JServ Protocol (AJP). An attacker could exploit this vulnerability to read arbitrary files from a web application directory on the server. If the target server also provides the file upload function, the attacker can further implement remote code execution. Currently, the vendor has released new versions to fix this vulnerability. Tomcat is an important project of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). Owing to its stable performance and availability for free use, it is quite a popular web application server. Considering the widespread deployment of Tomcat, the vulnerability in question affects a large number of users. Tomcat users should take preventive measures to fix this vulnerability as soon as possible.



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