Analysis Report

Banking Trojan Banjori Analysis Report

agosto 23, 2019

1 Sample Introduction

Banjori is a banking trojan that has been active since it was first spotted in 2013. It identifies personal online banking users in France, Germany, and the USA as major targets. After infecting a user, the trojan injects a malicious payload into the user’s active processes and collect the user’s information. Banking trojans and Banjori are mainly used to steal information via browsers.. Compared to Internet Explorer and Chrome, Firefox is a more sought after target for Banjori, which steals the majority of user information via query of hook and database files of the browser. It is worth noting that this family started to use the then modern dynamic domain generation algorithm (DGA) to obtain C&C server addresses in 2013. This renders the traditional blacklist of antivirus software ineffective, but also creates conditions for destroying andtaking over the Banjori botnets. (mais…)


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