Security Risks of 5G Core Network Introduced by New Technology

março 8, 2022

Intro This article cuts into 5G from the key technologies of 5G networks and discusses the security risks facing 5G networks. Today, 5G networks have achieved performance goals, namely high speed, low latency, and large capacity, and have started a new chapter for communications between mobile devices. Further, 5G will also empower vertical industries such […]

New Architecture, New Challenges: Service Security Issues in the 5G Core Network and How to Detect Them

setembro 24, 2021

Abstract: 5G is the fifth-generation technology standard for mobile communication networks. The service-based architecture (SBA) of the 5G core network is designed with a cloud-native approach. By borrowing the “microservice” concept implemented in the IT field and dividing a whole entity with multiple functions into individual parts, each providing an independent function, the SBA provides […]

Why only have the Gi-FW and GTP inspection isn’t enough for 5G security?

junho 18, 2021

Written By: Bruno CarvalhoSystem Engineer UK & Western Europe Firstly, to become this information clearer is interesting to answer the question…What is GPRS Tunneling Protocol (GTP)? GPRS Tunneling Protocol (GTP) is a 2.5G technology that provides interconnection between various network interfaces, enabling mobile users to roam seamlessly between networks of different generations. The GTP protocol […]

NSFOCUS Assures Security for Commercial 5G Services

dezembro 6, 2019

NSFOCUS was invited to attend the China Information and Communication Industry Development Summit 2019 held in Beijing on October 30, 2019 and was awarded the “5G Innovation Enterprise” in this summit.


NSFOCUS assures security for commercial 5G services


DDoS to Loom Large in the 5G Era

julho 9, 2019

Today, 5G is around the corner and, in the foreseeable future, it will definitely bring more convenience to our lives. Higher rates of mobile terminals, more devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), more convenient remote services… All these will lead us to a brand new era of the Internet of Everything (IoE). With constant breakthroughs in technological innovation, cybersecurity should also move at the same rate. (mais…)

The Road to 5G is Paved with Malware

junho 14, 2019

There is no doubt that 5G will revolutionize how we use online services. Mobile high-speed internet access in excess of 5Gbs will facilitate revolutionary technologies to take advantage of the new bandwidth. Feature rich apps for entertainment, productivity, social media, and health & fitness are preparing to offer functionality only possible with high-speed mobile access. Already outside the United States disruptive technologies and services have started to appear in countries that have 5G, changing how people live, work, and interact.  Smart cars driving in smart cities based on smart technologies.  (mais…)


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