On-premise ddos Defenses

NSFOCUS keeps you online and protects YOUR critical Operations

NSFOCUS provides comprehensive, multi-layer, on-premises DDoS defenses that protect your critical assets and ensure the availability of important business systems. From the network to the application layer, the solutions have been designed to detect and mitigate all classes of DDoS attacks, protecting your critical operations and ensuring uptime. These attacks include but are not limited to:

Volumetric Attacks

  • SYN Flood
  • SYN-ACK Flood
  • ACK or ACK-PUSH Flood
  • Fragmented ACK Flood
  • RST/FIN Flood
  • Same Source/Dest. Flood (LAND Attack)
  • Fake Session Attack
  • UDP Flood
  • UDP Fragmentation
  • Non-Spoofed UDP Flood
  • ICMP Flood
  • ICMP Fragmentation
  • Ping Flood
  • TOS Flood
  • IP Null/TCP Null Flood
  • Smurf/Fraggle Attack
  • DNS Amplification Flood
  • NTP Amplification Flood
  • SSDP Amplification Flood
  • Other Amplified/Reflective Floods
  • SIP Flood
  • Outbound Flood

Low and Slow Attacks

  • Slow Session Attack
  • Slow Read Attack
  • Slowloris Attack
  • HTTP Fragmentation Attack
  • Excessive Verb (HTTP GET Flood) Attack
  • Excessive Verb – Single Session Attack
  • Multiple Verb – Single Request Attack
  • Recursive GET Attack
  • Random Recursive GET Attack
  • Specially Crafted Packet Attack

A comprehensive suite of Components


Anti-DDoS System

Our Anti-DDoS System provides real-time mitigation for all classes of DDoS attacks. With extremely low latency, high-performance, and surgical mitigation of attack traffic, legitimate traffic continues to flow through the technology with no impact to your operations.

The ADS System is the ideal solution for today’s advanced and evolving threats. Available in a range of cost and performance optimized appliances, they have been purpose-built to deliver high quality DDoS mitigation for organizations of any size.

Network Traffic Analyzer (NTA)

Network Traffic Analyzer (NTA)
NSFOCUS NTA is a threat detection appliance that identifies malicious traffic.

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Anti-DDoS System Manager (ADS-M)

The ADS-M is a multi-tenant management system designed for service providers or large enterprise data centers.  It provides centralized management of the ADS and NTA appliances, as well as support for multiple, separate configuration and reporting domains by end-customer.

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