Pacific Internet Joined Forces with NSFOCUS to Deliver Cloud DDoS Defenses for Businesses across SEA

Pacific Internet Joined Forces with NSFOCUS to Deliver Cloud DDoS Defenses for Businesses across SEA

outubro 10, 2017 | NSFOCUS

Strengthening suite of services to enhance customers’ enterprise security

SINGAPORE, October 10, 2017 – Pacific Internet Singapore Pte Ltd, Southeast Asia’s Internet Service Provider, has signed up with NSFOCUS, a global enterprise DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) mitigation solution provider, to complement its Internet services with best-in-class DDoS defense strategies.

According to Deloitte’s Technology, Media and Telecommunications Report 2017, the size of DDoS attacks increased by an average of 30% a year from 2013 to 2015, but 2016 saw the first two attacks of one terabit per second (Tbps) or more, and predicts that trend continues in 2018. Businesses will see an average of one attack a month, with the number of DDoS attacks for the year expected to reach 10 million.

Understanding the heavy penalty and disruption that impacts a security breach, Pacific Internet introduced a new capability within the company’s Pacific Shield Managed Security suite.

NSFOCUS is the vendor of choice as its solution comprehensively detects and mitigates malicious traffic by using its innovative, multi-stage DDoS detection engine that accurately identifies DDoS traffic from other traffic streams. When an IP address is under attack, the anti-DDoS system notifies the border routers and discards the malicious traffic. Legitimate traffic is then re-injected back to the network with extremely low latency and high accuracy. With NS Focus’s Cloud-based Anti-DDoS System (ADS), Pacific Internet’s DDoS mitigation augments the company’s IP Transit and Internet Access services, providing automated, real-time detection and mitigation of attack traffic and returning clean traffic to the impacted organization.

Backed by stringent response time SLAs, this service gives customers peace of mind knowing their assets, data and reputation are protected 24/7.

“Leaders today are thinking of how to evolve their business models in order to drive digital transformation (DX) in their enterprise. This demands their organization stays on 24/7 and little tolerance for any business disruption. DDoS attacks are becoming more sophisticated and any business that is increasing its dependence on the Internet should be aware of the potential spike of such attacks and take preventive measures ahead of time. NSFocus five Cloud Centres run on a dedicated private backbone with a highly resilient infrastructure to serve all customers. We want to bring this solution to our Pacific Internet customers all across the region,” Mr. Marcus Cheng, CEO of Acclivis Technologies and Solutions Pte Ltd, parent company of Pacific Internet.

“We’ve observed that DDoS attacks have become more sophisticated and highly distributed. Countless Internet of Things (IoT) devices that power everyday technology like closed-circuit cameras and smart-home devices can be hijacked by malware, and used against the servers. NSFOCUS’ Security Labs has been providing threat detection and mitigation research for customers for the last 16 years, defeating advance, multi-layer DDoS attacks in as little as 20 seconds. With our combined strength with Pacific Internet, we continue to innovate and bring the best protection to our customers,” Attley Ng, Senior Vice President Asia Pacific of NSFOCUS Technologies.

About Pacific Internet

Pacific Internet is one of Asia’s iconic ICT brands founded in 1991. As the first ISP in Singapore and first Singaporean company to list on NASDAQ, Pacific Internet is part of ACCLIVIS group and a member of Citic Telecom International Holdings. Today, our suite of solutions has expanded to include internet services, integrated network, carrier agnostic solutions and other complementary services. By further drawing on our history, track record and our parent company ACCLIVIS’ strengths in Cloud, Technology and Managed Services, Pacific Internet have the ability to power Asia’s next generation Cloud and disruptive technologies to transform the ICT landscape.

About NSFocus

NSFOCUS is a global service provider and enterprise DDoS mitigation solution provider, with a proven track record of protecting some of the largest Fortune 500 companies, including the world’s largest mobile provider, and four of the five largest global financial institutions.

NSFOCUS provides a Complete Service Provider DDoS Mitigation Solution that protects both customers and infrastructure; while enabling providers to deliver Managed DDoS Services with a multi-tenant Platform that produces the lowest operating costs in the industry.

The solution combines cloud and on-premises DDoS defenses with world-class global threat intelligence, working in unison to automatically defeat every size, duration, and frequency of DDoS attacks. The solution enables service providers to deliver new revenue-generating services and offset the cost of DDoS mitigation.

NSFOCUS Security Labs is a renowned threat research organization that tracks and analyzes global threat intelligence; while identifying network and application threats, campaigns, vulnerabilities, exploits, and security trends. NSFOCUS solutions consume this threat intelligence – putting intel into action.

NSFOCUS International Business Division (IBD) brings advanced DDoS Defenses to the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific.


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