NSFOCUS Ranked No. 2 in China Network Detection and Response Market 2022

NSFOCUS Ranked No. 2 in China Network Detection and Response Market 2022

setembro 14, 2023 | NSFOCUS

IDC has recently published its China Network Detection and Response (NDR) Market Report for 2022, which provides a comprehensive analysis of the market development, functions, and technologies pertaining to Network Detection and Response (NDR) products. The report specifically focuses on identifying and highlighting the leading NDR vendors in the industry.

According to IDC’s estimates, NSFOCUS holds the second-largest market share of 10.7% in 2022 with a significant increase of 96.6% compared to the previous year. This places NSFOCUS as one of the market share leaders in China. NSFOCUS has consistently demonstrated profound technical expertise and achieved impressive market performance in the field of network traffic analysis. In order to further enhance its focus on the NDR market and effectively meet customer needs, NSFOCUS is dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation. When we talk about “Network Detection and Response (NDR)”, IDC gives the definition is: “NDR products make real-time analysis of recorded and extracted network traffic through advanced technologies, such as BDA and AI; detect potential threat events in the network based on user behavior analysis, network incidents, threat intelligence, or attack simulation technologies; and respond to threats or anomalies in a timely manner through automated or semiautomated means.

From the perspective of threat detection and analysis, NSFOCUS Network Traffic Analyzer (NTA) integrates the innovative technologies of Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and Deep Flow Inspection (DFI) into a unified appliance. This powerful solution empowers organizations with advanced detection capabilities across border, core, and edge routers, enabling them to effectively monitor and analyze network threats. By leveraging fully integrated artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, NSFOCUS NTA has the capability to automatically detect and analyze network traffic characteristics and attack patterns. This is achieved through its advanced traffic auto-learning function, enabling organizations to enhance their network security and effectively respond to potential threats. With the support of the NSFOCUS Threat Intelligence (NTI), NSFOCUS NTA certifies its ability to proficiently detect a wide range of emerging threats, including malicious cryptocurrency mining, C&C, and botnet activity. This comprehensive solution enhances the protection of users’ vital network infrastructure and safeguards the uninterrupted operation of their business services.

IDC has also highlighted the remarkable capability of threat traceback with NSFOCUS. NSFOCUS MagicFlow (MF) takes abnormal traffic analysis, threat detection, traffic direction, application traffic analysis, attack attribution, and visualization as its core functions. With the help of big data collection, threat intelligence, machine learning, and other technologies, NSFOCUS MF provides network-wide visualized analysis to implement integrated and complete detection and analysis solutions. Users have the ability to gain additional insights through multi-dimensional analysis and customized visibility, enabling them to proactively counter advanced unknown threats with effective and proactive measures. The analysis results are presented from a multidimensional perspective that encompasses attackers, victims, vulnerabilities, and threat intelligence. This comprehensive approach provides clear visibility into the data, enabling users to conduct refined threat analysis and precise traceability positioning.