NSFOCUS Continuously Dominating the Anti-DDoS Hardware Market in China with Unparalleled Market Share

NSFOCUS Continuously Dominating the Anti-DDoS Hardware Market in China with Unparalleled Market Share

julho 20, 2023 | NSFOCUS

According to the IDC China Anti- DDoS Hardware Market Share, 2022: Opportunities and Challenges Coexist published on June 29, 2023, NSFOCUS, with its Anti-DDoS solution powered by a robust protection algorithm and excellent services, has again claimed the leading position in China’s Anti-DDoS hardware market. NSFOCUS keeps ahead of this market for many years running in terms of capabilities, strategies, as well as market performance.

Overview of China Anti-DDoS Hardware Market Share, 2022

IDC analyst Sophia Wang points out, “In 2022, there was a continuously increasing number of DDoS attack events globally with emerging characteristics, such as diversified attack methods, complicated attack components, and expanded targets. For example, there are numerous DDoS attacks began to focus on the critical information infrastructure sector last year. And with the intensifying conflict between Russia and Ukraine in February 2022, DDoS attacks have consistently been the most effective method in cyber warfare. One of the most typical applications is launching DDoS attacks to overload the healthcare system in Ukraine, thereby disrupting its critical healthcare infrastructure.”

The ongoing cyber warfare between Russia and Ukraine is being seriously disrupted by frequent DDoS attacks. These attacks pose a direct threat to the stability and reliability of national cybersecurity infrastructure. In the heat of warfare, attackers have not only focused on the government department but have also targeted certain civilian information infrastructure. With the assistance of information warfare, they aim to instigate panic and confusion among the enemy’s civilians and finally resulting in significant impacts on the enemy’s economy and the daily life of its citizens. The expert team engaged in global threat intelligence has diligently monitored and analyzed the malicious traffic associated with DDoS events. Through their efforts, it has been discovered that the attackers have utilized reflection/amplification DDoS attack techniques to exploit flaws in CLDAP, NTP, SSDP, Memcache, ONVIF and other combinations in an attempt to maximize the scale of their cyber-attacks. It is difficult to mitigate effectively today’s sophisticated DDoS attacks by traditional anti-DDoS approaches. That is why NSFOCUS has implemented an automated proactive defense mechanism, enabling the acquisition of predictive awareness of threat factors and the autonomous deployment of appropriate countermeasures.

  • Automated Defense

NSFOCUS Anti-DDoS System (NSFOCUS ADS) supports automated DDoS defense functionality by leveraging cutting-edge techniques such as machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence. It is designed to mitigate various types of abnormal DDoS traffic by analyzing attack methods and generating appropriate protection policies to satisfy different application scenarios. The integrated artificial intelligence technology has the ability to leverage the expertise of the experts in attack and defense and transform it into unique protection policies, finally enabling automated decision-making and real-time response.

  • Defend Forward

“Defend Forward” is a concept developed by the US Department of Defense in response to the increasing pace and sophistication of nation-state sponsored adversaries. It involves defending with an offensive mindset, proactively disrupting or stopping malicious cyber activities at their earliest stages and raising the costs for adversaries. NSFOCUS redefined the DDoS protection mechanism by introducing the Defend Forward concept into anti-DDoS solutions. Users can obtain additional awareness about attacker organizations and botnets by subscribing NSFOCUS Threat Intelligence services that implement corresponding pre-protection policies and access control rules. Within this framework, Defend Forward not only defends against unknown threats but also allows for predictive analysis of attack patterns based on intelligence information, thereby enhancing situational awareness and threat response efficiency.

The destruction caused by DDoS attacks has extended beyond enterprises and also posed a threat to national security. With over 20 years of experience in the field of DDoS protection, NSFOCUS has always remained at the forefront of technological innovation that have introduced various innovative Anti-DDoS solutions, such as intelligent DDoS protection solution and Defend Forward DDoS protection solution. NSFOCUS is committed to staying ahead of evolving DDoS trends and providing customers with more comprehensive DDoS protection solutions.