NSFOCUS Completes IDC Migration and Expansion

NSFOCUS Completes IDC Migration and Expansion

outubro 1, 2018 | Triet Nguyen

NSFOCUS Completes IDC Migration and Expansion

by Triet Nguyen

Earlier this year, we kicked off a massive undertaking to shift our NSFOCUS Cloud to a managed service provider with the intention of consolidating internal data center real estate within our five data centers so we could regain resources to focus on our products. By taking on this project, we simplified our cloud architecture which helped us improve the efficiency of our resources, allowing us to serve our customers better.

By completing this migration, we combined the arsenal of the managed service provider’s datacenter with our DDoS expertise, creating a new powerhouse that our competitors are not able to offer. This also helped us alleviate the maintenance and upkeep of five complex facilities and allows the cloud team at NSFOCUS to concentrate on product enhancements and development efforts.

We successfully shifted the entire NSFOCUS Cloud from five different data center locations with minimal interruptions to our customers, which is a tremendous feat. With numerous circuits and significant number of mission-critical VM workloads and with vital applications and critical services on the line, any missteps could have had devastating effects to NSFOCUS and our customers. Valuable data can easily be lost, and critical services may remain offline for an extensive number of hours as problems are resolved, and expensive cloud equipment can be damaged in the process.

That being said, the migration was executed flawlessly by the team at NSFOCUS. The project was carefully planned out to the smallest detail, and any issues faced during the migration were minor and immediately addressed. We are proud that our customers were not impacted and yet will reap the benefits of our IDC Migration.

NSFOCUS would like to express our gratitude to internal management, cloud team, IT Team, Customer Success team, Engineering team and NTI team, and our partners. Without their patience and, support the success of this whole migration would not be possible.