NSFOCUS Appoints Telecom and Network Security Expert Dr. Richard Zhao as SVP, Global Threat Research

NSFOCUS Appoints Telecom and Network Security Expert Dr. Richard Zhao as SVP, Global Threat Research

outubro 4, 2016 | NSFOCUS

NSFOCUS CTO selected to lead the international team in identifying and mitigating risks across burgeoning threat landscape

Santa Clara, Calif., October 4, 2016 – NSFOCUS, a global provider of intelligent hybrid security solutions, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Richard Zhao to the position of Senior Vice President of Global Threat Research, effective immediately. Dr. Zhao previously served as the CTO of NSFOCUS, and will retain this position while undertaking his new role where he will oversee the company’s threat intelligence division. This new appointment comes ahead of the launch of NSFOCUS’ full suite of threat intelligence offerings currently planned for the first quarter of 2017.

In his new role, Dr. Zhao is responsible for leading the company’s global threat intelligence strategy and team of more than 80 professionals in NSFOCUS Security Labs, an internationally-recognized cybersecurity research and threat response center at the forefront of vulnerability assessment, threat detection and mitigation research. In this capacity, his first priority will be the ongoing research behind and identification of the growing list of security vulnerabilities that are disclosed every day. His team will be working to identify incidents of data breaches – monitoring and analyzing data to provide actionable insights to combat these threats. His team will also construct new systems that are better equipped to detect and mitigate cyber threats in real time, guaranteeing an effective and efficient system response.

“In today’s cyber landscape, with attackers growing smarter and more capable every day, security teams are falling behind – often looking at threats from the past to predict the threats of the future,” said Allan Thompson, COO of NSFOCUS. “As a result, decision makers are left to question the value of their security investments. In order to truly take the reigns and identify and mitigate threats in real-time, companies must take a holistic approach, implementing an intelligent hybrid security model. Threat intelligence should be an indispensable component of any enterprise network’s day-to-day defense and we are thrilled to have an industry pioneer like Dr. Zhao on board to continue his excellent work, helping our clients achieve their security goals.”

Dr Zhao, who joined NSFOCUS in 2009, is relocating to the United States from Beijing, where he has been a staple of China’s digital revolution for over 20 years. A Ph.D. graduate of Peking University, Dr. Zhao was integral to China’s development of internet and telecommunications technologies. He also served as part of China’s first ever cybersecurity group, and worked with top level Chinese officials to develop the data infrastructure needed to mitigate threats from the global network.

Before joining NSFOCUS, Dr. Zhao served as the Director of Architect and Security Operations at Lenovo and Principal Consultant in China for Computer Associates. In addition, he worked for iS-One as Chief Strategy Officer, responsible for R&D, security consulting service and more. In his tenure as CTO with NSFOCUS, Dr. Zhao has led the research teams to four consecutive wins in the Microsoft Bug Bounty Program.He is also an active contributor to Cloud Security Alliance and founder of Greater China Chapter (now Greater China Coordination Body) of CSA. Stemming from his pioneering contributions to CSA, Dr. Zhao was awarded the Ron Knode Service Award in 2012.

“In my twenty plus year career as a security professional, the world has become a much smaller place, with cyber threats coming from all across the world and too many vulnerabilities available for exploit,” says Dr. Zhao. “Systems need to be much more dynamic and layered to survive the current threat landscape. At NSFOCUS we are committed to building a foundation of strong threat intelligence based on a holistic viewpoint of the entire threat landscape, particularly in China.”


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NSFOCUS has fifteen years of success and experience working with Fortune 500 companies, including four of the world’s five largest financial institutions, as well as organizations in insurance, retail, healthcare, critical infrastructure industries as well as government agencies. NSFOCUS IB has technology and channel partners in more than 60 countries, and is a winner of the Microsoft Bug Bounty Program for 4 consecutive years, a member of the Microsoft Active Protections Program (MAPP), StopBadware.org, and the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA).

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A research arm, the NSFOCUS Security Labs, is a renowned technical research center that tracks and analyzes global intelligence while identifying new network vulnerabilities and security trends.

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