Multiple OpenSSL Security Vulnerabilities Alerts

Multiple OpenSSL Security Vulnerabilities Alerts

maio 18, 2022 | Jie Ji


Recently, NSFOCUS CERT found that OpenSSL issued a security notice, which fixed multiple security vulnerabilities in OpenSSL products. OpenSSL is an open source software library package. Applications can use this package to communicate securely, avoid eavesdropping, and confirm the identity of the other end of the connection. It is widely used on web servers on the Internet. Relevant users are requested to take measures for protection.

OpenSSL Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (CVE-2022-1292):

Due to an issue with the c_rehash script not properly sanitizing shell metacharacters, and some operating systems distribute this script in an automated fashion. An unauthenticated attacker could use scripts to construct malicious packets to trigger the vulnerability, thereby executing arbitrary system commands on the target system.

Openssl Certificate Authentication Error Vulnerability (CVE-2022-1343)

Because the OCSP_basic_verify function has an error in verifying some certificates, an unauthorized attacker can use this vulnerability to construct malicious data for certificate spoofing attacks, so as to successfully verify the illegal response signature certificate.

OpenSSL Denial of Service Vulnerability (CVE-2022-1473):

Due to a flaw in the OPENSSL_LH_flush() function, when a long-lived process periodically decodes a certificate or key, the memory usage will be expanded indefinitely. An unauthenticated attacker could trigger the vulnerability by crafting a malicious packet that could crash the server and achieve a denial of service.

Openssl Encryption Error Vulnerability (CVE-2022-1434)

Since the OpenSSL 3.0 implementation of the RC4-MD5 cipher suite incorrectly used AAD data as the MAC key, making the MAC key predictable. Unauthorized attackers can construct malicious data to conduct man-in-the-middle attacks to control the communication between the two parties.

Reference link:

Scope of Impact


Affected version:

  • 3.0.0 <= OpenSSL < 3.0.3
  • 1.1.1 <= OpenSSL <= 1.1.1n
  • 1.0.2 <= OpenSSL <= 1.0.2zd(No longer supported Officially)

Note: 1.1.0 has stopped maintenance officially


Affected version:

  • 3.0.0 <= OpenSSL < 3.0.3

Safe version:

  • OpenSSL = 3.0.3
  • OpenSSL = 1.1.1o
  • OpenSSL = 1.0.2ze(Premium Support Users Only)

Vulnerability Detection

Relevant users can run the following commands to perform version detection to determine whether the current system is at risk:

openssl version

There may be a security risk if the currently used version of OpenSSL is affected.


At present, the official has fixed the vulnerability for the supported version, please update the version for protection as soon as possible for affected users. Official download link:

OpenSSL1.0.2 advanced support user update address:


This advisory is only used to describe a potential risk. NSFOCUS does not provide any commitment or promise on this advisory. NSFOCUS and the author will not bear any liability for any direct and/or indirect consequences and losses caused by transmitting and/or using this advisory. NSFOCUS reserves all the rights to modify and interpret this advisory. Please include this statement paragraph when reproducing or transferring this advisory. Do not modify this advisory, add/delete any information to/from it, or use this advisory for commercial purposes without permission from NSFOCUS.


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