First Dynamic DDoS Mitigation Service Launched by ISP

First Dynamic DDoS Mitigation Service Launched by ISP

novembro 12, 2014 | NSFOCUS

ISP Vibe CommunicationSelects NSFOCUS to Deliver DDoS Protection as a Service

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Nov. 12, 2014 – As attack vectors increase, many ISPs and hosting providers are finding they need to ramp up their security offerings, essentially becoming a security-as-a-service organization. NSFOCUS today announced that Internet Service Provider (ISP) Vibe Communications selected its anti-DDoS solution to deliver New Zealand’s first dynamic DDoS mitigation service for carriers and ISPs.
IDCs, ISPs, and hosting service providers are prime targets for attack, causing many to consider new business models that include DDoS mitigation.

  • Robust solution beats competition: As a highly technical service provider, Vibe’s criteria and expectations are stringent. The NSFOCUS Anti-DDoS system (ADS) not only delivers technically, but also provides rich features and mitigates attacks better than any of the other vendors it evaluated. To learn more, visit ADS Data Sheet.pdf
  • NSFOCUS provides best-in-class protection performance: The NSFOCUS ADS solution provides granular and precise DDoS mitigation. Continuous software upgrades defend against newly discovered threats and provide integrated protection for both software and hardware. Coupled with the support of NSFOCUS’s 24/7 rapid-response security teams, providers are able to deliver continuous service availability to end users.
  • Vibe Communications delivers world-class services: As a full-service telco and network services provider, Vibe incorporated the ADS solutionto expand its services to include DDoS mitigation.
  • Carrier-grade DDoS mitigation: Vibe incorporated the NSFOCUS solution to extend DDoS mitigation capabilities to its International IP Transit network. The company now offers the service through its FlexProtect product portfolio, providing a number of service options including threshold preferences, volume of protection and more. The service is available through its San Jose offices in the U.S.,with plans to extend the service to other key international nodes as demand increases.

Rudi Hefer, chief executive officer, Vibe Communications, said: “With the substantial increase of both scale and frequency of DDoS attacks, it was a natural progression for us to incorporate DDoS mitigation solutions into our portfolio. Protecting ourselves and our customers from crippling attacks simply was not a luxury anymore, but a necessity. NSFOCUS demonstrated the most robust mitigation solution available and we look forward to offering this level of protection to our customers.”

Yonggang Han, chief operating officer of global business, NSFOCUS, said: “Internet service providers (ISPs) need to be able to conduct business without worrying about network disruption. If implemented and managed properly, adding security-as-a-service has the potential to generate new revenue streams for many ISPs, IDCs and hosting centers. Our optimized Anti-DDoS solution designs apply the behavioral statistics and reputation mechanisms needed todefend against more sophisticated DDoS attacks, enabling a secure ecosystem for providers.”

NSFOCUS is a global provider of distributed denial of service (DDoS) mitigation solutions. Founded in 2000, the company provides enterprise-level, carrier-grade solutionsfor DDoS mitigation, Web security and enterprise-level network security. With more than a decade of experience in DDoS research and development and mitigation, NSFOCUS has helped customers around the world maintain high levels of Internet security, website uptime and business operations to ensure that their online systems remain available. For more information, visit

About Vibe Communications
Established in 2008, Vibe is a full service Telco, network services wholesaler and carrier services provider with core capability in IP transit, DDoS mitigation, international managed data, Layer 2 Ethernet transport, VoIP, fibre access and access aggregation, collocation, wholesale automation and ISP build and consulting services. Vibe operates its own international data network with presence in New Zealand, Australia, USA and UK. For more information visit