Enhancing Web Security: NSFOCUS WAF Integration Solutions

Enhancing Web Security: NSFOCUS WAF Integration Solutions

janeiro 4, 2024 | NSFOCUS

According to an industry report, over 75% of cybersecurity attacks target the web application layer. Additionally, statistics indicate that more than two-thirds of websites lack adequate security measures.

With digital transformation, organizations are moving more business operations to the Internet. New-generation applications are accessed through various channels like the Web and APIs, leading to increased application exposure risks and difficulty in chain control. Various ever-evolving attacks, such as brute force attacks on databases, web scraping, and API misuse, exacerbate web security risks.

These threats pose immeasurable risks to organizations. For instance, web page tampering can damage an organization’s reputation, while leaks of sensitive information and ransomware attacks lead to financial losses. DDoS attacks disrupt business operations, and the persistent nature of Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) poses continuous risks. With various threats prevailing, safeguarding web applications becomes an urgent priority.

NSFOCUS WAF can collaborate with multiple security products, achieving comprehensive integrated security protection for web applications. The devices and platforms that WAF can work with include Anti-DDoS System (ADS), Threat Intelligence (TI), Web Vulnerability Scanning System (WVSS), Intelligent Security Operations Platform (ISOP), the central management platform ESPC, and Unified Threat Sensor (UTS).

To address the various threats faced by users, NSFOCUS Next-Generation WAF comprehensive functionalities include traditional web application firewall, API protection, Bot traffic management, and DDoS protection, ensuring the security of organizations’ web applications.

NSFOCUS WAF has accumulated over 15 years of web protection rules, combining semantic analysis, smart detection engine, and threat intelligence to comprehensively identify various web attacks. It not only intercepts various common web attacks but also supports defense against zero-day attacks, with extremely low rates of false positives and false negatives.

Integration of WAF and Anti-DDoS System

NSFOCUS WAF supports integration with the Anti-DDoS System (ADS), providing a more robust combined solution for web security and DDoS protection. When the traffic detected by WAF exceeds the set threshold, WAF automatically informs ADS. ADS, with higher processing capabilities, automatically mitigates and cleanses abnormal traffic, then redirects normal traffic back to WAF, providing comprehensive web security protection.

Integration of WAF and Threat Intelligence

Through integration with NSFOCUS Threat Intelligence (NTI), NSFOCUS WAF obtains the latest high-risk IP reputation database in real time and generates protection policies on WAF. IP reputation data types include DDoS attacks, security vulnerabilities, junk emails, web attacks, scanning sources, and botnet clients. By enabling IP reputation, it effectively prevents brute force attacks targeting databases and taking advantage of vulnerability to obtain maximum benefits, while also significantly reducing the alert noise of suspected attack behaviors.

Additionally, by integrating with NTI, NSFOCUS WAF can automatically identify the geo-locations of source IP addresses based on a GeoIP library, allowing selective access or blocking of specified regions according to customer business needs.

Integration of WAF and Web Vulnerability Scanning System

NSFOCUS’s Smart Patch solution empowers organizations with the capability to detect, protect, and swiftly respond to security threats.

The general process is as follows:

  • Web Vulnerability Scanning System (WVSS) generates detection reports and promptly delivers them to WAF;
  • WAF automatically generates protection policies;
  • WVSS conducts periodic scans of the website, transmitting the latest vulnerability information to WAF;
  • WAF updates protection policies, continuously enhancing web security in an ongoing cycle.

Integration of WAF and Intelligent Security Operations Platform

NSFOCUS WAF streamlines blocking functions through integration with NSFOCUS Intelligent Security Operations Platform (ISOP). This collaboration establishes ACL rules on ISOP, enabling automatic one-click blocking of specific IP addresses. NSFOCUS ISOP and WAF work in tandem to create an extensive security shield, prioritizing the application as the central network security strategy. This robust system boasts features such as internal asset risk identification and centralized security management, offering users a tangible, detectable, and resilient boundary security solution.

Integration of WAF and Central Management Platform

The NSFOCUS Enterprise Security Planning Center (ESPC) is a platform for the central management of multiple security products. It helps organizations improve security policy management and simplify operations. ESPC supports centralized authorization, monitoring, upgrades, policy management, log querying, and reports.

Integration of WAF and Unified Threat Sensor

Through integration with NSFOCUS Unified Threat Sensor (UTS), NSFOCUS WAF enhances its monitoring capability for encrypted traffic, preventing malicious traffic from reaching the target decryption server before its malicious intent is revealed. Features of the integration include:

  1. Support for HTTP/HTTPS protocol parsing; Support for finer-grained HTTP protocol specification validation; Ability to configure policy actions for protocol validation failures; Support for multiple SSL version parsing; Support for decryption of all common HTTPS algorithms.
  2. Customers can deploy UTS for web traffic analysis without the need for business modifications or altering traffic transmission methods. It automatically identifies algorithms and is easy to deploy.
  3. After decrypting and parsing HTTPS traffic, metadata and packets are retained. This enables retrospective analysis of abnormal behavior, zero-day attacks, and Advanced Persistent Threats, facilitating the discovery of unknown threats.

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