H1 2022 Global DDoS Attack Landscape Report

The acceleration in digital transformation has increased cyber risks. As a highly destructive attack method, DDoS attacks present a diversified trend on both attack vectors and attack targets. Together with the fact that original attack sources are hard traceable, DDoS attacks have brought great security challenges to organizations of all industries. How did the DDoS landscape change in the first half of 2022? Which threat actors are the most active? What attack vectors did they use? Which areas and industries were being targeted? Download a copy of the full report to learn more.

Key Findings:

  • DDoS attacks reached a new 4-year high of 205% compared with the same period last year
  • Tb-level attacks were spotted for three consecutive months since April in 2022
  • More than 40 DDoS attacks larger than 100 Gbps were observed per day
  • Southeast Asia was the most DDoSed region
  • 51% of bots were from office-related software and applications
  • 87% DDoS attacks remain under one hour
  • DDoS attackers are shifting to flood the target with traffic that is hard to be distinguished from legitimate traffic
  • Mirai was the most dangerous botnet with the largest number of bots and accounted for over 60% of DDoS attacks