SecOps Development: Brief History, Outlook and Challenges

outubro 20, 2021

With the boom of the global digital economy, cybersecurity is converging with the Internet of Things (IoT), industrial Internet, cloud computing, and 5G, bringing about disruptive changes to security in various aspects, including traditional physical security, biological security, public security, and national security. Meanwhile, the attack surface keeps expanding in cyberspace as malicious attackers, larger […]

Function Identification in Reverse Engineering of IoT Devices

setembro 15, 2020

This document dwells upon function identification and symbol porting in reverse engineering of Internet of things (IoT) devices without using BinDiff and PatchDiff2, which are “too good” for the purposes here and are inapplicable in certain scenarios. Typical function identification technologies include the Fast Library Identification and Recognition Technology (FLIRT) in IDA and the rizzo method developed by Craig Heffner, whose rationale and engineering practices are detailed here. The rest of this document explains the usage of some other IDA plug-ins.


Technical Analysis Report on Rowdy, A New Type of IoT Malware Exploiting STBs

outubro 19, 2017

In August 2017, NSFOCUS’s DDoS situation awareness platform detected anoma-lous bandwidth usage over a customer’s network, which, upon analysis, was confirmed to be a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. The attack was characterized by different types of traffic, including TCP flood, HTTP flood, and DNS flood. Tracing source IP addresses, we found that the attack had […]


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