Deepening Engagement with Telcos, ISPs and MSPs to Create More Values for the Interconnected World

Deepening Engagement with Telcos, ISPs and MSPs to Create More Values for the Interconnected World

junho 14, 2022 | Jie Ji

Santa Clara, Calif. June 13, 2022 – NSFOCUS, a leader in holistic hybrid security solutions, attended the RSA Conference 2022 held in San Francisco on June 6 – 9 in person. From a small cryptography conference at the beginning to a conference now attracting an average of over 40,000 attendees every year including many security companies and practitioners around the world, the RSA Conference has gone through 31 years and has become a global security event “where the world talks security”, as the message of the RSA Conference put it.

This year, we added our new security capabilities for our product portfolio – NSFOCUS WAAP and WebSafe.  NSFOCUS WAAP is a four-in-one package integrating Web Application Firewall, Denial of Service Attacks, API Interface Security, and Malicious Bot Protection. NSFOCUS WAAP extends from the WAF and has two forms: cloud WAAP service and local WAAP device. NSFOCUS WebSafe is a 24/7 follow-the-sun monitoring service designed for comprehensive security of customers’ websites, including inspection of vulnerability, malicious codes, web defacement, exposed IP assets, phishing attacks, etc. Combined NSFOCUS’s existing DDoS Protection Service, which is ideal for volumetric DDoS attacks, NSFOCUS Cloud Security Services suite keeps customers away from known and unknown threats targeting applications, brand and reputation damage, network unavailability, and ever-evolving attacks.    

“In the past two years, Gartner has emphasized an industry trend on various occasions: It is suggested that enterprise’s vendors in network security should be gradually merged and consolidated to no more than 5, step by step, further reduce to 3, 2… WAAP can also be considered a reflection of this trend,” said Richard Zhao, COO of NSFOCUS, “Across the IT industry, enterprise IT procurement strategy on software and services have multiple choices along the route, from emphasizing the best features to the best packages, namely Best-of-Breed > Best-of-Class > Best-of-Suite> All-in-One. The top cloud service providers are largely in the back band to carry out a one-stop business, which also includes a rich security services in package. Security SaaS / SASE vendors’ menus are getting longer.”
However, considering that not every service provider has the security staff and expertise to provide the needed security services, NSFOCUS defined the Provider-for-Providers strategy to provides ISP/MSP with value-added services which enables them to deliver more services for their customers.

NSFOCUS is a technology-driven innovative security vendor, delivering holistic hybrid security solutions powered by NSFOCUS’s customer-centric products and services, as showcased in the RSA Conference.

Feel free to contact us with any questions. We look forward to partner with you to create more best practices and innovative solutions.