Hybrid Anti-DDoS

NSFOCUS Hybrid DDoS Protection

Many organizations utilize a hybrid approach to defeat the damaging effects of DDoS attacks.

The approach combines NSFOCUS on-premises defenses with on-demand NSFOCUS Cloud DDoS Protection.  Working in unison, the solution eliminates smaller/shorter attacks on-premises; while defending infrastructures against bandwidth saturating DDoS attacks using the cloud. Both defenses are fully integrated resulting in increased bandwidth visibility, reduced cloud redirect times for mitigation, and coverage for all L3-L7 DDoS attack vectors.

Features and Benefits

  • Seamless integration with your network
  • On-premises solution can be deployed in-path, or out-of-path
  • Defeat short-duration, repetitive attacks on-premises
  • Defeat long-duration, bandwidth saturating attacks in the Cloud
  • Automated Cloud DDoS Protection signaling

For more information, please download the Cloud DDoS Protection datasheet.