Comprehensive Threat Protection for Enterprise

Today’s cyber attacks are more frequent, complex and destructive than ever and they often result in loss of revenue, downtime and theft of vital data. Enterprises struggle daily to adequately defend against ransomware, malware, spyware, worms, back-door trojans and many other malicious activities.

In order to fully protect against these threats, enterprises are increasingly using a multi-layer, defense-in-depth approach to secure vital assets and ensure business continuity. NSFOCUS provides a complete cloud security, network security and application security solution consisting of:

  • DDoS Protection: Hybrid cloud and on-premises DDoS detection and mitigation to ensure critical systems remain online
  • Web Application Security: Full web application layer protection including support for OWASP top 10
  • Next-Generation IPS: Provides comprehensive threat protection that blocks intrusions, prevents breaches and safeguards valuable assets

All of these products work together to ensure only legitimate traffic reaches your critical infrastructure. NSFOCUS is committed to helping our customers mitigate risk, protect their valued assets and maintain continuity of their business services.

To learn more, please download our solution data sheets.